ZeroOutages’ Global Expansion Pairs Satellite Internet with Integrated SD-WAN to Provide a Complete Worldwide Connectivity Solution

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ZeroOutages, a pioneering force in global connectivity, announces a substantial expansion with the global deployment of its Managed Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Telecom Network Service integrated with its award-winning patented SD-WAN technology. This strategic advancement underscores their commitment to delivering secure and reliable network solutions to enterprises worldwide.

With a presence in over 60 countries, ZeroOutages offers businesses unprecedented access to emerging markets and remote regions with 1000+ scalable site-to-site locations and 100% private end-to-end connectivity. ZeroOutages empowers businesses of all sizes with scalable networking solutions tailored to their unique requirements setting a new standard for global connectivity.

Key Highlights of ZeroOutages Expanded Global Offerings.

   1. Unrivaled Global Access:

  • Unlike traditional fiber networks, ZeroOutages Global SD-WAN reaches even the most remote locations, ensuring connectivity in challenging environments.
  • Global SD-WAN streamlined routing reduces the need for physical routers. While supporting multi-cloud deployments for scalable routing. 
  • Over 50 worldwide data centers to ensure enhanced connectivity on a local and regional level.

    2. Reliability Beyond Borders:

  • ZeroOutages Patented Global SD-WAN technology provides seamless and dependable connectivity worldwide, eliminating the downtime associated with traditional networks.

    3. Scalable and Agile Networking:

  • Easily scale your network to match business growth and adapt to changing demands, without the constraints of fixed fiber infrastructure.
  • Leverage dynamic connections to optimize workloads and mitigate network outages efficiently.

     4. Enhanced Security at reduced costs:

  • Global SD-WAN reinforces network security with private nodes, enabling the monitoring of internal applications not accessible via public internet and intranet portals.
  • More cost-effective, flexible, and secure than MPLS, SD-WAN utilized dynamic connections to manage workloads and network outages.

“ZeroOutages goes above and beyond by offering our white glove technical assistance, simplifying the deployment process for clients,” said ZeroOutages CEO, Daren French. “With a dedicated team of experts on hand, businesses can rest assured that their satellite-enabled services are configured and maintained seamlessly.”

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About ZeroOutages:
ZeroOutages is a pioneering technology company specializing in Managed LEO Satellite Telecom Network services. As the first global managed business-class LEO Satellite Telecom Network vendor, ZeroOutages empowers businesses with comprehensive managed Internet solutions, managed SD-WAN services, meshed networking, and integrated network security. With a focus on excellence and innovation, ZeroOutages aims to redefine global connectivity.

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