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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zero In On Nutrition is a startup that is genuinely invested in the welfare of its customer base. The CBD company has hands-on experience with poor products from other manufacturers in the past. This has motivated the brand’s founders to set a new standard when it comes to the cannabidiol industry. From quality products to customer care to community investment, the brand is looking to make waves every time they interact with those around them.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are nothing new in the modern marketing era. However, there’s a difference between a company that is looking to capitalize on modern consumer sentiment and organizations that take their commitment to the greater good seriously. Few companies show a more earnest and genuine desire to impact their customers for the better than Zero In On Nutrition.

The New York City-based CBD manufacturer has made it a primary goal to develop relationships with its customers. This applies on both an individual and a communal level. CEO Rocco DiPietro has elaborated on both of these points by explaining that “Our customers are the number one priority at Z.I.O.N.” adding that “While we care for each individual, the big picture is to improve communities as a whole.”

The brand’s investment in the larger community is demonstrated through its attention to providing holistic health solutions for entire families — including pets. Zero In On Nutrition also invests in communities by donating to a rotating selection of different charities.

The brand shows its commitment to the individual by showing a desire to help “customers to trust they will be receiving a safe and premium product.” The team behind the label has seen the effects of poor quality CBD firsthand, and one of their driving factors is to ensure that they only provide the best products for their customers.

Once again, DiPietro has emphasized this focus on quality solutions. The president and his cofounders have made it clear that they want to “help as many people as we can live a fulfilling and healthy life through our products and the power of CBD.”

There is no end to the number of companies looking to cash in on the growing CBD movement. However, few of these fledgling enterprises show as much commitment to the greater good as DiPietro and the rest of the Zero In On Nutrition team. Their holistic approach to using CBD to improve the welfare of their community stands tall as one of the primary differentiating factors that separate them from the competition.

About Zero In On Nutrition: Zero In On Nutrition was founded by four childhood friends. The tight-knit group has zeroed in on providing the safest, purest CBD products on the market at a reasonable cost to the consumer. You can find out more about Zero In On Nutrition at

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