Woonamjung, One of Las Vegas’ Leading Restaurants, Aims to Globalize Korean Cuisine

LAS VEGAS, June 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Amid the growing interest in Korea due to the K-POP band, Bangtan Boys (BTS), Las Vegas’s representative Korean restaurant, Woonamjung, is set to renovate its menu and introduce a new taste to the region.

Woonamjung is the representative Korean restaurant in Koreatown of Las Vegas and has continuously received much love since it first opened ten years ago. Hong Mung-ki, who successfully launched his jjukkumi stir-fry food business in South Korea’s hottest region, Nonheyon-dong, took on a new challenge by taking over Woonamjung to achieve his dream in globalizing Korean cuisine.

Mr. Hong crafted a whole new menu through this renovation. You can not only enjoy the best quality meats at a reasonable price but can also enjoy the only handmade soondubu stew in Las Vegas. Furthermore, the menu offers ganjang gejang, steamed kodari, steamed agui, Ojang-dong Hamheung naengmyeon — which has been around for sixty years — and so on. Mr. Hong has become a trailblazer in globalizing Korean cuisine by offering items on the menu that are difficult to find in countries outside of Korea.

In addition, the restaurant is leading the way in the world by providing special services along with spacious halls and parking lots that can accommodate up to 140 people. 

Mr. Hong expressed his strong ambitions and stated, "Many customers who weren’t able to visit due to the COVID-19 shutdown are now visiting Woonamjung. We will never forget this gratitude and we will always strive to become the representative Korean restaurant when thinking of Korean cuisine. We will put in all our efforts so that the excellence of Korean cuisine could be made known to the world."

Woonamjung Restaurant 


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