Women-Owned B!ATCH Tequila Establishes a Fierce Female Community Ahead of Its Summer Launch

NEW YORK, March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Still months away from the official release of its highly anticipated collection of premium and ultra-premium sipping tequilas, B!ATCH Tequila has a lot to celebrate at the close of Women’s History Month.

B!ATCH co-founders Sue Hrib aka “Aunt Sue” and Dr. Irina Kogan are passionate about keeping the brand mission of women supporting women at the forefront of every business decision. The mission, coupled with the brand’s unapologetic attitude and commitment to community, has piqued the interest of female leaders across the country. In less than six months, B!ATCH has grown from its initial two investors (Aunt Sue and Kogan) to 75 #BossBiatches. From college students to homemakers, former Army pilots to CEOs, each B!ATCH strives to be a role model in their respective occupation and brings a unique perspective to what the brand means to them.

What’s in a name? To mother-daughter investors Cassie and Summer Stradtlander, B!ATCH means “you know your own strengths and capabilities and will play into them to achieve your goals,” 21-year-old Summer states. “A B!ATCH commands attention; she doesn’t go unacknowledged,” adds 53-year-old Cassie. Since being introduced to the brand, Cassie shares her perception of the word has changed. “I think the best way to describe it is: being a boss!”

B!ATCH prides itself on its dedication to women’s empowerment. “I’m very adamant about making sure everyone is treated fairly and gets paid their worth,” says Aunt Sue. Although fully inclusive of race, ethnicity, and age (the youngest investor being a one-and-a-half-year-old), this female-led startup is only backed by women investors for the first round. This will allow women an opportunity to invest with individuals who are equally committed to the brand’s mission.

B!ATCH’s four tequilas are just like the women who will enjoy them—uniquely fierce yet subtly sweet. The brand’s distinctive, proprietary lip-shaped bottles have made recent cameos at notable events and parties in Atlanta, L.A., Las Vegas, London, Miami, and NYC. Where will the B!ATCH bottle turn up next? Follow along the journey on Instagram, @biatchtequila.

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About B!ATCH Tequila

B!ATCH Tequila’s parent company Boss Babe Brands, Inc. is founded by successful entrepreneur and women-owned business investor, Sue “Aunt Sue” Hrib and Dr. Irina Kogan. B!ATCH Tequila is made by women, for women to feed the feminine urge to be a boss B!ATCH. B!ATCH Tequila is on a mission to build a community of independent women, who break barriers when they join forces. Similarly, the tequila’s taste, aroma, body, color and finish can all surely hold their own, but when they come together, are unlike any other. Listen to the official B!ATCH anthem, “Bossed Up” by Maya Mor, on Spotify and Apple Music.

SOURCE Boss Babe Brands, Inc.