Wisewell, the New Sustainability-Driven Consumer Water Technology Company, Launches its Sleek Model 1

The High-Tech Wisewell Transforms Tap Water into the Highest Quality Delicious Drinking Water, Free of PFAS and Microplastics, While Its App Tracks Your Water Quality

BROOKLYN, N.Y. , April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wisewell, the sustainability-driven consumer water technology company revolutionizing how we drink water, is pleased to announce the launch of its Model 1 Wisewell. The sleek Wisewell is the only installation-free water purification technology to convert everyday tap water into delicious drinking water through its proprietary four-step process that removes PFAS (harmful forever chemicals) and microplastics, while also powered by a sophisticated app that allows users to monitor the water quality. Today, it is available to pre-order at Wisewell.com for delivery in July 2022.

The EPA has deemed the state of America’s water a crisis: over 200 million Americans have PFAS in their drinking water and nearly 60 million Americans solely rely on bottled water because they cannot trust their tap water. Most consumers are unaware of the existence of PFAS and rarely realize the negative impacts they can have on their health, such as thyroid issues, cancer, or autoimmune disorders. 

Wisewell’s proprietary Full Spectrum Filtration, an advanced four-step process, efficiently removes harmful forever chemicals, microplastics, and other contaminants using three filters and UV light– whereas virtually all installation-free filtration systems use one filter and omit the UV light sterilization process. Once purified, remineralization occurs to give Wisewell water a taste and texture that rivals global leading water brands.

A first for any consumer water technology, Wisewells are equipped with sensors that interface with a mobile app that offers users complete transparency into the quality of their tap water, how hard their filters are working to clean water, and when they need to be reordered. In addition, the app tracks consumers’ cost savings against nine leading bottled water brands and their improved carbon footprint from not purchasing bottled water. Further, remote monitoring of each Wisewell can ensure the tap water supply is safe in every community and send alerts if there are concerns so a consumer might take action. The filter subscription program ensures when it’s time for new filters, they are automatically delivered to their home and easily replaced with Wisewell’s twist and click technology.

Wisewell believes aesthetics matter. Its Model 1 is an elegantly designed unit that works seamlessly in any room. Available in black and white with gunmetal finishes, with the slight touch of a button the Model 1 dispenses cold, hot, and room temperature water.

"Wisewell is the consumer water technology of the future, and we could not be more thrilled to announce its launch," said Wisewell Co-Founder and CEO Sebastien Wakim. "It’s a convenient, luxurious unit that consumers will be comfortable displaying in any room in the home, and it’s run by an app that shows full transparency of the water you’re drinking. The Wisewell’s installation-free ease of use and low maintenance is something the market has yet to see."

Wisewell is the most sustainable water technology of its competitors. It entirely eliminates the need for bottled water, combating the 1.5 billion plastic bottles that are purchased daily, which in turn leads to more than 70% ending up in landfills annually. And while traditional under-the-sink water filtration systems waste four liters of water for each liter of drinking water they produce, Wisewell does the opposite: it produces four liters of drinking water with one liter of unsuitable drinking water captured that can be recycled for household chores.

"Over 15 billion gallons of bottled water were sold in the United States last year, leading to tremendous plastic waste and environmental impact," said Sami Khoreibi, Wisewell’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. "Beyond plastic waste, bottled water is the main leading cause of microplastics found in human bodies, proving to be unsustainable for our health and planet. Wisewell is a complete revolution in water consumption offering a healthy and sustainable solution at the fraction of the cost compared to bottled water."

Wisewell’s founding team is composed of multidisciplinary experts merging technology, sustainability, and innovation. Co-Founder and CEO Sebastien Wakim is an expert on technology disruptions. As an early employee of Uber, he successfully launched the service in the Middle East and North Africa regions. Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Sami Khoreibi is a seasoned entrepreneur focused on sustainability and renewable energy. His passion for solutions to climate change blends seamlessly with Wakim’s experience in circular economy and technology as the pair brings groundbreaking technology and sustainability through high design to the market. 

Wisewell enters a rapidly growing market as water quality diminishes globally. The global market for water purifiers is expected to increase from $52 billion in 2020 to $90 billion by 2025. The global market for bottled water was at $300 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to $419 billion by 2026.

About Wisewell: 
Wisewell is a sustainability-driven consumer water technology company that is revolutionizing the way water is consumed. Its debut product is the sleekly designed Wisewell, an installation-free unit that transforms tap water into high-quality drinking water that rivals the best brands in taste at less than a third the cost per liter. Wisewell’s proprietary four-step Full Spectrum Filtration process effectively removes most known contaminants, including PFAS (forever chemicals) and microplastics, before remineralizing the water for great taste and optimal hydration. Wisewell’s secret weapon is its app, which monitors users’ tap water quality as well as the state of their filters, automatically ordering replacements and sending a notification when it’s time to change them. The app also shows users how much money they’ve saved on bottled water and calculates their improved carbon footprint. A Wisewell costs $699 per unit, plus $180 for an annual subscription for filters but customers who order their Wisewell before July will receive $100 off their Wisewell and an additional six-month filter subscription for free. Wisewell is committed to providing the cleanest and most delicious drinking water in the most convenient way. Visit www.wisewell.com for more information and to preorder a Founder’s Edition, which will ship in July 2022.

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