William Benson Announces Billionaires Row Water Global Initiative For 2022


NEW YORK, May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Billionaires Row Water Global Initiative for 2022 is the BR Mission: "Inspire and Empower Individuals to reach for their dreams while protecting human welfare and advancement by furthering private initiatives for the good of the Public focusing on love for Humanity, quality of Life and Planet preservation"

BR Water is now available with a perfect body hydration alkalinity of pH 9.5. Alkaline water restores the perfect pH balance of one’s body for rejuvenation and metabolic balance.

Locally sourced water is purified using Reverse osmosis, UV and ozone then alkalinized using natural processes.  Music playing in the Billionaires Row Water plant harmonizes the molecular structure of the water for a clean, smooth, unique, body balanced perfect pH 9.5 alkaline water product.

Chairman William Benson stated, "Perfectly Balanced pH 9.5 water made with the harmonizing effect of music embodies Billionaires Row’s philosophy: infusing new cutting edge concepts and iconic fundamentals into every product experience."

Billionaires Row Water Bottles can be used to assist in providing Electricity that fuels our homes and businesses, the vehicle industry’s electric consumption, production of digital currency and even our space program’s testing sites.

Imagine a future where communities are powered by the trash they throw away – that future is here. BR Water bottle waste is now a source of renewable and sustainable energy.

Billionaires Row Water utilizes a 100% biodegradable bottle in standard landfill settings within 10 years (Current standard for PET is 120 years). 50% of the bottle biodegradation process happens within the first 3-4 years. The BR Water label is printed so there is no PET Plastic used. 1% of the plastic has an IP process with enzymes that are activated when other organisms in the landfill touch it, which begins the biodegradation process.

Billionaires Row Water is moving into the Sustainable, Kinder, Environmentally and Humanly Harmonious future Our Children, Our Planet and Humanity needs today.

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