Why Food For Health Matters Now

BLUE HILL, Maine, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With a global pandemic upending the country’s agri-food and health systems, and a new administration at the helm, Americans have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to throw out the old playbooks, re-structure the way they approach food in the U.S., and re-shape the future of health and prosperity in America. Food for Health is calling for a new road map to reimagine the food system through a four-point plan.

The recommended plan responds to four major challenges within the food sector that contribute to rising rates of hunger, obesity and chronic disease:

  1. Establish a president’s council to “fix food” and end childhood hunger in America.
  2. Create the first national food policy.
  3. Develop a multi-stakeholder commination strategy to end childhood hunger.
  4. Reestablish the U.S. as a global food systems leader.

It’s been just over one year since the world saw new and disturbing images of people suffering and dying alone in hospital rooms from a new disease called COVID-19. Before long the virus hit the U.S. West Coast and swiftly moved across the country sparking state and nationwide lock downs to “flatten the curve” and causing million of Americans to lose their jobs overnight. The coronavirus changed the country’s access to food and supplies almost instantly, leaving more Americans than ever before – including millions of children – without access to nutritious foods.

The virus also acted as a catalyst, exposing a flawed food system that leaves one questioning why unhealthy food is less expensive than healthy food. The pandemic highlights the double burden of hunger and obesity with malnutrition being the common link to chronic diseases and increased morbidity with this virus. It also highlights the opportunities to fix the food system and end childhood hunger and tackle obesity as a leading life style contributor to chronic diseases.

Download: Why Food for Health Matters Now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0mqy0mlnofllsak/why%20food%20for%20health%20matters%20now.pdf?dl=0

About Food for Health
Food for Health™ (a division of LKC Strategist, LLC) is a sustainable food policy consultancy dedicated to solving America’s most urgent food and health issues. Laurie Copithorne, MBA, MS, RD (CDN), FDC, founded Food for Health to unite stakeholders from the food, agriculture, government, academic and health sectors under a shared vision and voice. The vision is to transform food and health in America.

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