WFH Doesn't Mean More Time to Cook; Keep It Quick and Easy with Last Bite™

HARTLAND, WI, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Since launching in January of 2020 Last Bite™ has brought the flavors of the world straight to their customers’ kitchens. This women-led startup is Simplifying Sophisticated Home Cooking™ with quality-controlled seasoning packets and spices. The food industry expert team — made up of passionate connoisseurs, curators, creators, chefs, and culinary scientists — came together to make a line of products that were missing from their daily lives. The practice and practicality of balancing life and work served as inspiration to more easily enhance home cooking.

Recently, home cooking has been taken to another level as the world works from home, socializes from home, and of course, cooks from home. But despite all the extra time spent indoors, people seem busier than ever. That’s where Last Bite’s ‘Mainly Mains™’ seasoning packets come in. With this easy-to-use product (Mainly Mains™, from $8; available exclusively online at, all you need for a restaurant-quality meal at home is one seasoning packet, protein of your choice, some water, and a one-pot cooker. The process is laughably simple, and offers a diverse range of seasonings to spice up any pressure cooker, slow cooker, or stove top meal.

The diverse range of seasoning packets takes you on a global culinary adventure from home. Head to the Mediterranean with their Mediterranean Lemon Herb that tastes like a savory bite of summer, it’s a bright, citrusy blend that goes great with chicken breast. Or if you’d rather an evening in Asia, their Asian Sesame Teriyaki is a seasoning blend that delivers some of the best influences of Asian and Americanized-Asian cuisine: soy, brown sugar, and sesame, ensuring authentic flavors and notable freshness. Wherever you’d like to go, arrive at your flavorful destination with ease. With Last Bite, you can achieve high-caliber flavor in seasonings that have spent less time sitting on grocery store shelves, plus hassle-free shopping. As one customer put it: “Working from home gives me more ‘time’, but not more motivation. At the end of the day I want a delicious meal I don’t have to work too hard for. With a Mainly Mains meal, I can throw it in an Instant Pot at lunch and when I log-out of work, my meal is ready for me in the next room.” (Kay C., from Wisconsin). These restaurant-quality timesavers are helping to create bolder and brighter dishes than any you’ve made before; simple-to-cook meals, without sacrificing sophisticated taste.

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