Welcome to the Party! GOODLES Launches Long-Awaited Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese Line

GOODLES Debuts Gluten-Free Version of Fan-Favorite Cheddy Mac and New Gluten-Free Vegan Option

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GOODLES, the brand that reimagined mac and cheese, welcomes everyone to the party with the launch of its first gluten-free products – GLUTEN FREE VEGAN BE HEROES and GLUTEN FREE CHEDDY MAC – nutrient-packed and full of all the yum you’d expect with none of the gluten. Plus, like all GOODLES mac and cheese, they’ve got protein, fiber, prebiotics, and 21 nutrients from plants.

Whatever your preference or diet, GOODLES serves it, and now gluten free is no exception. Fans have asked for gluten-free options since the brand launched, and now GOODLES has responded with, “Yes, chef!” Over the last two years, the brand developed the perfect gluten-free mac that tastes like the OG and packs in the same key nutrients found in the core product line. GOODLES’ gluten-free noodles are not gummy like so many others on the market. The pasta holds up when cooked and is the perfect vehicle to deliver a forkful of mac.

“Pretty sure that ‘When will you release a gluten-free version?’ was asked about 20 seconds after our launch, and it’s consistently been our most-requested wish ever since,” said Jen Zeszut, Co-Founder and CEO at GOODLES. “That’s likely because millions with Celiac Disease struggle to find delicious products to eat, and 25% of all Americans are trying to limit their gluten intake. Because our proprietary gluten-free pasta tastes so extraordinary – like everything else in the GOODLES line-up! – this innovation is a game-changer.”

Everyone deserves a bowlful of cheesy goodness. Now, gluten-intolerant shoppers can dig into a mac and cheese that, like the classic, is nostalgic, savory, and creamy. GLUTEN FREE CHEDDY MAC tastes just as delicious as the regular CHEDDY MAC and packs 13 grams of protein and four grams of fiber per serving. VEGAN BE HEROES is a gluten-free & dairy-free mac and cheese that actually tastes AMAZING and satisfies two dietary needs without sacrificing taste and texture. Its vegan cheddar is made from cashew nut milk for a savory, cheddar-y flavor. Both macs are Clean Label Award Certified, Kosher certified, and low glycemic index foods.

“Delicious taste is always our #1 goal, and gluten-free has an added goal – it needs to taste AND FEEL like normal wheat pasta without any of the gluten,” said Molly Michet, Chief Product Officer at GOODLES. “It took over 18 months to develop the perfect gluten-free mac that we felt good enough to bring to market. We made a creamy mild cheddar version so gluten-free consumers can now try our classic CHEDDY MAC and a rich cashew-based Vegan version – there’s something for everyone!”

GOODLES‘ new gluten-free line has an SRP of $4.19 per box. GLUTEN FREE VEGAN BE HEROES and GLUTEN FREE CHEDDY MAC are sold online at GOODLES.com and Amazon and in-store at Whole Foods. For more information on GOODLES, go to GOODLES.com.

GOODLES makes noodles, gooder. The brand launched in November 2021, born out of the idea that mac and cheese is a cornerstone of pleasurable eating and loved by all ages, yet often lacks nutrition and crave-worthy taste. Made with a proprietary noodle recipe that looks, tastes, cooks and chews just like the noodles we all love, GOODLES includes protein, fiber, prebiotics, and 21 nutrients from plants. Plus, it’s a Low Glycemic Index food, has fewer calories, and is the first boxed mac and cheese to win the coveted Clean Label Purity Award. Located in Santa Cruz, CA, GOODLES is committed to giving away at least 1% of all products sold to organizations that address food insecurity.  For more information on GOODLES, visit www.goodles.com.  

Alessandra Luckey | Carissa Bass