VINA Prebiotic Soda Unveils New Brand Identity, Formulation and Functional Benefits Focused on the Brain – Gut Connection

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, HERE Originals reintroduces its groundbreaking prebiotic soda, VINA. Reformulated with an essential, proprietary blend of prebiotics, trace minerals, plant fibers and organic ingredients, VINA is expertly crafted to directly benefit the brain-gut connection. On a mission to recalibrate the soda category and functional cold box with a smarter choice, VINA unveils a line-up of flavors that taste great, are delightfully effervescent and expertly formulated to be both fun and smart to drink.

The revamped brand identity and packaging design follows a period of strategic repositioning of VINA’s functional benefits centered on the brain-gut connection. As functional soda becomes a fast-growing subcategory of the greater functional beverage space, the demand for healthier soda alternatives has rapidly increased. VINA’s unique formula that prioritizes brain and gut performance will invigorate consumer demand and add incremental value to this exciting new category with multifunctional benefits to both mind and body.

"Historically, soda hasn’t been considered a healthy choice, packed with sugars and toxins, despite the fun nature of the flavorful beverage. We saw a need to preserve what we all love about soda while completely reconstructing it to be both a naturally delicious and smart choice," said Founder and CEO, Alex Matthews. "We challenged ourselves to cram what we call ‘The Smarts’ (plant fiber, trace minerals, prebiotics) into our formula for unprecedented functionality and of course, quality taste."

Connected by millions of nerves and chemicals called neurotransmitters, the brain and gut are a package deal. Operating in a symbiotic relationship, when one is in distress, the other suffers. And, when one is balanced and thriving, the other reaps the rewards. VINA’s formula and ingredient selection are designed to address not one or the other in isolation, but both for optimal wellness.

According to VINA’s Chief Smarts Officer and mind-body expert, Dr. Cynthia Kerson, "The neurotransmitters bidirectionally linked between the brain and gut impact the very core of emotional wellbeing. Stress and anxiety in the mind caused by anything from external factors to deficiencies from essential nutrients can make its way down to the gut and lead to issues ranging from mild discomfort to GI tract issues. Alternatively, serotonin (the stuff that keeps our spirits high) is largely produced in the gut by millions of microbes in a healthy digestive ecosystem. VINA is ‘smart’ because it’s both multifaceted and hyperfunctional as it addresses mind-body wellness at its very core."

VINA aims to delight both the pop purist and the functional beverage drinker with both taste and nutritional benefits. Crisp, fruity and crafted with an undertone of citrus to keep things balanced and bright, VINA comes in five flavors: Ginger Fizz, Cherry Pop, Grapefruit, Lime Lemon and Pomegranate. All blends are 5g of sugar or less, 25 calories or less, certified USDA Organic, gluten-free, vegan and made with all natural ingredients.

VINA is the second beverage line out of HERE Originals, following De La Calle, a spin on the Mexican fermented pineapple beverage Tepache that won Best New Products and Best Packaging Design from BevNet’s Best of 2021 Awards.

VINA Prebiotic Soda is available nationwide via Purchase one case of 12 cans (12 fluid ounces) for $33.99 MSRP or a monthly subscription for $28.89 per case, a 15% discount. For more information, please visit and follow on Instagram and Twitter

VINA Prebiotic Soda, located in the heart of Los Angeles, started with a vision: to make soda smart. Brought to you by HERE Originals, the kaleidoscope of colors on VINA’s cans houses an all-access pass to an essential blend of prebiotics, trace minerals, plant fibers and organic ingredients expertly crafted to make you feel brilliant from brain to belly. VINA was originally founded in 2017 as a premium sparkling apple cider vinegar beverage. We have preserved our core prebiotic ACV origins (and pay homage with our name VINA), but we have also evolved our formula with ever more multifaceted ingredients and an approachable flavor profile to create a smart soda with refreshing, delicious flavor and hyper functional benefits in support of the brain-gut connection.

Media contact:
Kirsten Anderson