USA Beer a Virtual Reality for Customers

GEELONG, Australia, Oct. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A bold move to transform American cans of beer into virtual channels is taking shape, and local brewers are set to benefit.

A next-level smartphone app, SWIGR, launches today, with fifty pioneering brands ‘virtually’ launching a new way to connect with customers.

The concept enables brewers to "virtually" attach content behind their labels, which eager consumers activate by scanning with their phones. The experience is then stunningly brought to life with augmented reality (AR), with an interactive experience, showcasing the brewery.

Recent studies show that AR can increase brand awareness by up to 70%.

Maui Brewing, Yards Brewing Co, and Four Saints are among the US brands involved.

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Fast-tracked USA rollout

The company behind the ground-breaking concept, Immertia, announced that the technology would be fast-tracked to USA brands, following a successful trial with craft beers, and wine.

Managing Director, Dave Chaffey, said that brewers now had a channel to attract a new generation of beer lovers. 

"The experience is set for the millennial generation – to discover the stories behind their favourite beer. There’s content from the brewer, elements of social media and some unique interaction."

"Customers love it! The concept is great, and the visuals are simply stunning."

"By every measure, it’s hitting the mark with the target audience."

Every US beer within five years

Chaffey said the concept is for all beer brands, and is designed to work on any beer label, using clever technology to recognise labels and augmented reality to showcase the beer’s story.

"It’s a powerful concept, which can be setup and managed as easily as a Facebook page."

"Augmented reality is really starting to ramp up, people are getting very excited about what’s on the horizon. We believe that an interactive experience will be on every US beer within five years. "

Brewers that add the technology into their marketing mix now, will fully capture the attention of consumers – the benefits could be huge."

Strong Interest

The potential of the technology is strong. Market analysts are forecasting explosive growth of retail and package-based AR over the next three years.

Immertia has seen this first-hand, after a recent promotion of the beer concept, unwittingly drew attention from other industries, and contact from two pharmaceutical giants, marketing agencies, and a global packaging manufacturer.

The company has initiated a Capital Raise to accelerate growth.

"There’s significant opportunity here, on many levels – it’s an exciting technology"

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