Unexpected Tips to Make Cooking More Fun – Courtesy of Basquettes

SAN FRANCISCO, March 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Call us crazy, but we think cooking should be fun, even on busy weeknights!  Here’s how…

Make the kitchen your happy place
Before you bust out the pots and pans, give your kitchen some love. Organize and clean your kitchen so it is a happy place to spend time. Light a scented candle before you start cooking to stimulate your senses and to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Listen to your favorite songs
Create a cooking playlist. Singing along to your favorite songs and having a mini dance party while cooking creates a fun and energetic ambience in the kitchen. Let’s face it, sometimes cooking can be stressful and tiring. Therefore, creating a positive environment is vital to make cooking more joyful.

Change your clothes
Associate cooking with comfort by shedding your work clothes and changing into your coziest pajamas or sweats. Try throwing on a fun apron or chef’s hat or whatever will help put you in a good mood to cook. Seeing you in a good mood while cooking will bring joy to your partner, family or friends – and they may be inspired to help you cook.

Don’t cook hangry
Before you get started, reach for a light snack and taste dishes throughout the cooking process. Hangry cooks are bad cooks!

Try a new recipe
Make cooking an adventure and an exciting challenge by regularly trying new recipes. You may have heard the saying, "Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know." Remember this when you think about cooking. It’s important to be adventurous with meal prep because it can be a very tedious and boring task if you let it.

Make enough for leftovers on crazy busy nights
On the days when free time is not your friend and you think there’s no way I could cook dinner tonight, use high-capacity Basquettes to make easier, faster, healthier foods in your oven or on your grill. They help simplify and speed up the cooking process. You can use them to air-fry, crisp, roast, rotisserie, dehydrate, grill, or smoke your favorite dishes. Make enough for leftovers so you can skip cooking tomorrow. Basquettes are dishwasher safe for easy, fast clean-up so that’s an extra bonus.

Go international
Discover a world of flavor from the comfort of your kitchen with globally-inspired recipes – no passport required. Pick an international theme for each meal-prep time. Think Taco Tuesdays or Spaghetti Sundays! You could also get a packet of pre-mixed flavoring or jar of curry at the grocery store to make delicious Asian-inspired meals. For deeper meaning, explore the cooking of your heritage and ask relatives for family recipes.

Cook with friends and family
Form a cook book club with monthly potluck dinners where each attendee makes something from different sections of a specified cook book. You could do this with just one or two friends and cook everything together. Make cooking a family activity by setting up an assembly line with stations for your partner and kids. The key ingredients to group cooking include actual conversation, team building without an obstacle course, less time ’til dinner and faster clean-up.

Forget about perfection
Some dinners take a turn for the worst. It happens to everyone; we’re all human. The important thing to remember is that stressing over a dish or a meal is a sure way to put a damper on the fun. For what it’s worth, kitchen catastrophes make great stories. Plus, there’s always takeout!

How do you make cooking fun?

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Brought to you with love by a mother-daughter duo on a mission to encourage cooking and grilling experiences that make the average person feel like an accomplished chef. Basquettes makes cooking and grilling easier, faster and healthier and can be purchased with free shipping at https://basquettes.cooking/ or on Amazon Prime https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09HN2FM3F.  Stainless-steel Basquettes are PFOA and PTFE free and are safe for metal grill tools and dishwashers.

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