There is Nothing Nutty About This Partnership

TELFORD, Penn., Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Last fall after dealing with lockdowns and closings, people were itching to hit the farmers’ markets. That’s when the president of LifiBifi, Inc., Stephanie Weinberger discovered two area men and their amazing product. As a result, local brothers, Caleb and Jesse Mangum recently launched their business, Nutty Novelties with LifiBifi. Nutty Novelties has met with much success in the area, but the women of LifiBifi aim to help small businesses around the country connect to a national audience.

LifiBifi began in April of 2021 with the goal of supplying their large base of customers, looking to buy online, with local mom and pop’s who were hurting because of the lack of foot traffic. Marcie Handler, Vice President of Business Development explains, "When our supply chains were adversely affected by covid, some friends and I lost our small businesses. We wanted to use our customers, connections and years of marketing and sales to help others survive. Companies like Nutty Novelties are great. They have a fabulous product, keeping health in mind and the story of two brothers starting out from scratch is heartwarming." This small batched hand roasted nut butter business knows how to deliver delicious and fun flavors while keeping the healthy factor high.

LifiBifi Helps Small Businesses 
The women who have connections in all 50 states are determined to help the Little fish compete with the Big fish- thus LifiBifi. The company searches for businesses that have impressive products and stories. "It’s our goal to take our decades of sales and marketing experience and link arms with these remarkable entrepreneurs. We understand firsthand how difficult it can be to juggle everything and still find a way to promote your business beyond your current circle. That’s where LifiBifi excels!" added Weinberger. "With a small staff, places like Nutty Novelties have a hard time getting nationwide coverage."

Consumers are Thrilled
LifiBifi seeks out remarkable companies, like Caleb and Jesse’s, and presents them to the consumer. Discovering gems that most people would not have the time to search for, but everyone loves. Pairing the consumers and the producers of these products is a win-win.

It can be tough for consumers to find their new favorite products. LifiBifi can help and offers exclusive pricing for their customers with each vendor. LifiBifi, Inc is the new go to place for small businesses with extraordinary products that haven’t yet been discovered across the nation.

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