‘The World’s Greatest Water. ELEV8 WATER’ Is a Personal Water Changing How We Connect With Water

LOS ANGELES, June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ELEV8 WATER, the world’s greatest water created to be a personal water, is here to change the way people consume water. ELEV8 WATER is an ultra-purified, premium bottled water free from all chemical additives and infused with the binaural frequency of 528 hertz (the love frequency) created for daily life and to bring awareness to the power within every individual.

ELEV8 WATER is centered on self-development and raising awareness to the power of positive thinking, intention setting and creating understanding about the effect of our thoughts for ourselves and in others in the grand design called life. With 12 different bottles, each featuring a different distinct understanding with powerful meaning the ELEV8 WATER gives people the opportunity to explore the meaning behind each bottle and reflect on its resonance for the life they desire.  

"The greatest expression of you is adding value to all. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to know self," says Damilare Sherubawon, co-creator of ELEV8 WATER. "We should drink water not only to hydrate but as a tool to understand the connection between nature, life and you."

"We believe every individual has it within themselves to create the beautiful life experiences they are so deserving of understanding the power of their mind and emotions," adds Rena Champ Sherubawon, co-creator of ELEV8 WATER. "We are water, so let water be a tool in helping to navigate your life by setting a positive intention before drinking your personal water."

ELEV8 WATER is ultra-purified through a seven-stage system to extract impurities making it free from all chemical additives such as chlorine, fluoride and sodium bicarbonate to deliver a refreshing, smooth and pure hydrating experience. The purification process begins with setting a positive intention of love by infusing the bottles with the love frequency 528HZ during production to send out a love vibration and add value to people’s lives. Afterward the water goes through pharmaceutical grade micron filtration; reverse osmosis to remove impurities; deionization to filter remaining chemical additives; ultraviolet light to remove 99.9% of microorganisms; ozonation to naturally sterilize; and finally, the positive intention of gratitude for choosing ELEV8 WATER to elevate their life.

ELEV8 WATER is an unflavored, ultra-purified water available in 12 different thoughtfully-created bottles and supportive creative contents that feature a simplified understanding on how to ELEV8 familiar words such as: ALL, YOU, LOVE, ENERGY, BELIEVE, GRATITUDE, DESIRE, VIBRATION, MINDSET, FREQUENCY, THOUGHTS, and CONSCIOUSNESS. Each bottle’s color is inspired by the seven universal rainbow colors and the seven chakra colors spiritually aligned in the human body to energize the drinking experience.

Each bottle of ELEV8 WATER also features a QR code designed to direct the drinker to a simplified informational YouTube video on how-to ELEV8 each of the created words on the bottle labels. The videos are produced to help enhance consumers’ awareness and understanding of themselves, as well as advance their understanding of what the grand design of life means.

Additionally, the creators of THE WORLD’S GREATEST WATER. ELEV8 WATER has created 25 uplifting original songs in different genres from around the world. The songs feature the vision of the brand, and a song will be released each month on ELEV8 WATER’s YouTube channel and across its social media platforms to spread positivity, uplift listeners, create personal affirmations and promote the spirit of sharing love and happiness.

To launch ELEV8 WATER, and promote the idea behind sharing love and happiness related to self- awareness and understanding the power of the mind, the brand is also launching a TikTok dance challenge: The Personal Water CREATE YOUR WORD video which is challenging consumers to use individual bottles of ELEV8 WATER to create phrases meaningful to them like LOVE-ALL, LOVE- YOU or PASSION.

ELEV8 WATER can be purchased online at TheWorldsGreatestWater.com or on Amazon.

ELEV8 WATER is a community inspired brand guided by the vision to ELEV8 the consciousness of humanity with the greatest ultra-pure water. We are passionate about adding value to your life. Inside every bottle of THE WORLD’S GREATEST WATER. ELEV8 WATER is a refreshing ultra-pure water, soothing and enjoyable to the body, mind and soul to enhance the natural connection to life’s beautiful experiences. Our vision is to create an impact that will positively affect the world and every individual to aspire for more enjoyable experiences in this beautiful GRAND DESIGN called LIFE. ELEV8 yourself at TheWorldsGreatestWater.com or visit FacebookInstagram, TikTok and YouTube

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