The Perfect Temperature with Every Sip. Cauldryn is Revolutionizing the Way You Drink Coffee and Tea with the Cauldryn Coffee Pro

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cauldryn today introduced to the world the all-new Cauldryn Coffee Pro offering a newly designed 16fl oz contoured bottle that easily fits in your hands. The sleek new design is just the starting point. The Cauldryn Coffee Pro additionally features a new heating module with an On-Demand digital display that remains off until the mug is in active heating mode. The new Bluetooth radio and Cauldryn app provide smart control of the perfect drinking temperature when your mug is out of reach. The key upgrade lies in the battery. The all-day battery that Cauldryn is known for was made smaller and more lightweight while still delivering 10+ hours of power.

In 2017, the first Cauldryn revolutionized the coffee consumer market with the first mug to not only offer a fully customizable temperature range for hot coffee at every sip but also the ability to boil water from a battery. "Boiling water from a battery is impossible. It is too labor-intensive" that’s what industry professionals told Chief Designer Joe Ganahl. To date, Cauldryn has forever changed the drinkware industry. Redesigning the Cauldryn Coffee Pro started with looking at what the customers felt would be the biggest improvements for better use. Making the bottle smaller and lighter without compromising the quality and performance was a task within itself that Cauldryn’s design team championed in perfect form. Cauldryn’s innovation and successful deployment of the first two generation models of Cauldryn have provided a seamless experience among coffee and tea consumers worldwide and continue to offer breakthrough technologies in the Coffee & Tea drinkware market with its latest version the Cauldryn Coffee Pro. President Jeff Basford noted that "We took everything we learned in our first two models, and built what I consider to be the perfect coffee mug – sleek design with the most powerful features and functionality available on the market.  It’s ideal for folks who love coffee!

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Matthew Rogers

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