The Open Wing Alliance (OWA) Calls on Viking to Finally Announce Cage-free Egg Policy

As the only major cruise line without a public policy, Viking falls short in its commitment to quality

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the Open Wing Alliance (OWA), an international coalition working to end the abuse of chickens worldwide, is calling on Viking to adopt a global cage-free egg policy. Viking —the world’s leading small ship travel company currently sailing to 403 ports in 95 countries—is the only major cruise line that has not yet committed to using cage-free eggs in their operations.

“Viking prides itself on offering all-inclusive, luxury experiences to its guests, but their use of eggs from caged hens is at odds with this commitment to quality,” said Jennie Hunter, Senior Campaigns Coordinator, OWA. “We are urging Viking to join their peers in the industry by adopting a global cage-free egg policy and ensuring that their guests can enjoy their meals without supporting outdated, inhumane practices.”

Caged hens are confined to tiny, barren cages where they cannot engage in natural behaviors like spreading their wings or nesting. This cruel treatment is unacceptable, especially in an industry where, for health and humane reasons, a growing segment of the population wants cage-free eggs.

Other major cruise lines, including Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean, have already adopted global cage-free egg policies and have published roadmaps towards achieving those commitments. Viking, with its high egg usage, has a responsibility to follow suit and prioritize animal welfare in its operations. 

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Why cage-free egg systems?

Globally, cages are being phased out by leading companies. However, over 6 billion hens are still kept in tiny, cramped cages that prevent them from carrying out the most natural of behaviors, such as stretching their wings. Caged systems promote fear, poor bone health, high levels of reproductive disease, and extreme stress in egg-laying hens.

About the Open Wing Alliance (OWA)

The Open Wing Alliance is a global coalition of animal protection organizations trailblazing farm animal welfare in nearly every major market in the world. Through shared knowledge, resources, and person power, the OWA is united around their goal to end the abuse of chickens worldwide. The alliance was founded in 2016 by The Humane League and has grown into a global force with 95 member organizations in over 70 countries changing the way the world’s biggest companies treat animals and setting a new standard for corporate animal welfare policies locally—in every major market—and globally.

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