The “One Tap” Uses Highly Innovative Molecular Recipes and Dispensing Technology to Combine Flavour Compounds and Create Beer that Caters to All Tastes, Starting with Water from the Tap

ANTWERP, Belgium, April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bar.on, a Belgian beverage start-up, has developed the world’s first molecular beer printer, capable of creating multiple types of beer in seconds. Using molecular-level flavour compounds, different beer styles can be constructed and customised in terms of alcohol percentage, bitterness, fruitiness, sweetness and spices.

Bar.on’s pioneering One Tap prototype can produce various beer styles such as blond, brown, IPA and triple, to name a few, including high-quality non-alcoholic variants. Users can choose any beer of their taste, fully customised and freshly mixed, to enjoy at home or in a bar.

Bar.on’s flavour compounds are natural and many of them are also used in conventional brewing processes. However, the One Tap beer printer bypasses the need for fermentation and also avoids the shipment of heavy finished product, significantly reducing the ecological footprint and cost of transportation. Additionally, Bar.on aims to reduce waste, by minimising packaging, and it also makes efficient use of water, requiring only locally sourced water from the tap.

The first molecular beer recipes have performed strongly in blind taste tests, opening new possibilities for enjoying beer tailored to individual tastes in a more sustainable way. 

Bar.on’s idea for molecular recipes is based on a decade of specialised research on the chemical and sensory characteristics of beer. The One Tap machine demonstrates the possibilities of molecular beer mixing, a brand-new technology that can be applied to many market segments. A version for pubs and bars, called One Tap Pro, is currently being developed and is expected to be field tested later this year.

“As a science company, we are building smart devices to demonstrate the capabilities of digitising beverages,” says Valentijn Destoop, Chief Product Officer.

Bar.on is initiating talks with hardware manufactures who could assist in rolling out beer printers to different markets. The One Tap is a great example of how technology can bring exciting new innovation to established sectors and change the way we enjoy our favourite beverages. 

The launch date and price for the One Tap are yet to be confirmed, but the company is excited to share this revolutionary technology with the world. Bar.on is currently in conversation with beverage brands of all sizes to set up a collaboration, offer a more sustainable solution, and potentially even lower the production costs, particularly for non-alcoholic beers. The market for low to non-alcoholic beer is expanding rapidly, with more consumers seeking better-tasting options. Bar.on’s innovative technology avoids the challenges of the traditional brewing process and offers a solution that preserves taste and enjoyment without compromising quality. 

About Bar.on

Bar.on’s mission is to provide instant, fresh, personalised and planet-friendly beer, using water from the tap. The company’s founders, CEO Dirk Standaert and CPO Valentijn Destoop, teamed up with VIB/KU Leuven’s professor Kevin Verstrepen to create the prototype. The team is currently growing with experienced scientists, brewers, sensory and business experts. Bar.on has raised €1.8 million in seed capital in 2022. Investments were made by Astanor Ventures, Exceptional Ventures, Thia Ventures, Food Ventures, and a private investor. The company, based in Antwerp, Belgium, is currently raising series A funding to scale up its operation and production capacities. 

Media contact:
Dirk Standaert