The New DUK Ultrasonic Flow Meter With Enhanced Electronics Now Offers Standard Temperature-Compensated Measurement, Expanded Media Viscosity Compatibility, IO-Link, Bi-Directional Flow, and Many More Features

Accurate Volumetric Flow Measurement even with Changing Temperatures

PITTSBURGH, Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Whether in the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment, or food production; ultrasonic flow meters like the DUK offer an ideal solution for non-conductive media that cannot be processed by magnetic flow technology. The maintenance-free DUK with the new C3T0 electronics from KOBOLD Messring GmbH provides extensive capabilities for on-site programming and is now suitable for even more media types and application areas.

  Accurate Measurement for Specific Media

The DUK operates via the ultrasonic principle of transit time difference and was previously only for water and water-like media. By incorporating additional intelligent electronics with customized parameters, the DUK is now compatible for most homogeneous and Newtonian media under 68 cSt. It provides a solution comparable to magnetic flow meters but can handle non-conductive liquids, unlike magnetic flow meters.  Examples include demineralized water, water-glycol mixtures, oils, and aliphatic hydrocarbons such as ethanol.

Valuable Customer Participation

“During the conception phase, we used the experiences from customers in various industries as a basis for developing a flexible and reliable universal device specifically for non-conductive media. With the new C3T0 electronic option, the DUK is now a measuring device for almost any project,” sums up Agha. “They can be used for different media in the future via an easy file upload.”

Full Process Capabilities and Other Special Features Come Standard

The DUK is designed for smaller pipe sizes and covers a large measuring range by delivering an exceptional turndown ratio of 250:1.

“The DUK has two individually configurable outputs, which can function as a pulse, alarm, or analog output” explains Agha. “This makes them easier to integrate into different processes or auxiliary circuits and with their short response times, they offer real added value.”

The colored multi-line display can also be rotated in 90° increments, so there is no need for a different model when changing locations as the display is independent of the position of the connections. The DUK’s display offers a better overview than comparable devices and shows the corresponding unit or other additional information next to the measured value. 

It also features high visibility visual cues for the process such as the display color changing when a certain quantity has been batched or a limit value has been exceeded. Batching can be started and stopped locally or via an external control input. “In sensitive processes such as tablet coating, precisely measured partial quantities and good response times are critical,” confirms Agha. The DUK boasts response times of less than one second and guarantees a high degree of programming freedom.

Built for Longevity with a Focus on the Future

The DUK was further designed with longevity in mind as the electronic connections are now connected via a plug, enabling easy on-site maintenance.  It also combats internal condensation that can form from ambient temperature differences between the inside of the housing and the external environment.

With such comprehensive features and the inclusion of bi-directional measurement and IO-Link, the new DUK C3T0 electronics propel an already proven ultrasonic flow meter into many new markets, industries, and applications.

Heather Collins

SOURCE Kobold Instruments Inc.