The Future of Clos Mogador

René Barbier Sr. retires from the winemaking business and passes the winery to René Jr. and Christian Barbier Meyer

PRIORAT, Spain, July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Clos Mogador is the result of many generations of enthusiasm, experience, intuition, and emotion. In 1979, René Barbier Sr. acquired his first estate in Priorat and began vinifying wines in this area. Forty-three years later, René Sr. is retiring from winemaking and passing Clos Mogador to his sons, René Jr. and Christian Barbier Meyer, to continue to feed the evolution of life at the winery.

According to René Sr., the first "real" Clos Mogador came out in 1992 when René Jr. joined Clos Mogador as a wine-seller at 16 years old. At the same time, he was studying at the oenology school of Falset, a decision that proved to be essential to the rest of the family’s lives in Priorat. As René Jr. got older, he brought his passion for the art of winemaking to the winery, working alongside his father to bring a Mogador to life that intertwined all the generations before him with the same passion.

Christian also joined the winery at 16 years old, bringing with him his passion for protecting the earth. His goal since that time has been to achieve balanced fields that grow with freedom. Christian receives ongoing training in biodynamic culture from the Spanish biodynamic federation and follows great philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka’s inspiring way to carry out balanced and sustainable agriculture. Today, the viticulture at Clos Mogador includes the use of multi-farming, bio-fertilizers, autochthonous ground cover layers, and the use of non-invasive, non-pollution techniques.

As the Barbier family makes this transition, their objective for their wines remains the same – produce respectful wines that reflect the Priorat terroir. "I want to thank you all for the passionate life that you have given me," René Sr. said. "With a son that is getting close to 50 years old, you have to understand, this is his best moment! Accompanied by his brother’s passion for nature, I can retire in peace. The world of Clos Mogador, with this team, is in good hands."


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