The Curry Sauce Born in Toronto and Perfected in India

Guru Foods Indian Sauces Is a Popular Canadian Sauce Brand That Has Been Developed Over Decades of International Investment Driven by One Man: Harry “Guru” Khanna

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — There’s sauce, and then there’s sauce. It’s easy to overlook the liquid as a topping created to merely add a dash of flavor to a variety of base dishes. For Guru Foods Indian Sauces founder Harry “Guru” Khanna, though, the sauce is the most important part of the dish — especially when it comes to Indian curries.

“I am a master chef of curry sauce,” Khanna explains. “Curry runs in my blood, you could say. When I ran my own restaurant and pub in Toronto in the 80s and 90s, my customers even gave me the nickname of ‘The Guru of Indian Curries.'”

As he developed his signature sauces over time, Khanna worked endlessly to find the perfect combination of delectable taste with delicate fragrance for each sauce’s flavor profile. He also strove to maintain health standards that are often absent in traditional Indian food.

For example, his sauces are low-fat and dairy-free, whereas traditional Indian cooking features heavy creams to enhance the flavor and texture of a dish. For Khanna, there was no need to do that proactively. He left it up to the end user to add those elements if they wished. In addition to the health benefits, this also made the sauce itself cleaner and able to stretch farther than competing sauces on the market, which often use cornstarch, preservatives, and cheap oils and creams that make them go flat within days.

Along with the absence of dairy, Khanna focused on creating a dish that was low in or had zero cholesterol, MSG, and sugar. He also ensured that his impressively long list of ingredients (Khanna’s early recipes boasted 18 individual elements) was top allergen safe, as well.

In 1998, after more than a decade spent building a reputation in the Toronto restaurant scene, Khanna sold his beloved establishment to pursue sauce-making full-time. “People would ask if they could reproduce my dishes at home,” Khanna explains, “so I decided to create a sauce that they could buy without coming to my restaurant.”

Rather than settle in and start looking up local manufacturing partners, Khanna started the only way he knew how: by going big. The ambitious entrepreneur took a three-year extended trip to India, where he mastered his sauce to perfection …and acquired more recipes, too.

Khanna also experimented with cutting-edge technology, such as using cryogenically ground spices. Sub-zero grinding preserved more nutritional compounds and natural flavors, enhancing each sauce’s profile even further in the process.

Khanna had to take a step back from sauce-making during the pandemic. However, he is now back up and running. His quickly growing enterprise has entered the U.S. marketplace, too, where the Guru of Indian Sauces hopes to create a strong statement: Traditional Indian curry can be simultaneously delicious, nutritious, and convenient when done right.

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Guru Foods Indian Sauces was launched in 2009 by Harry “Guru” Khanna. The Indian ex-restaurant owner created his own commercial sauce label to give a global audience access to his premium Indian sauces. These highly sought-after culinary condiments utilize cryogenic spices, extra virgin olive oil, and Himalayan salt and are vegan, low-fat, top allergen safe, and free of dairy, gluten, trans-fat, MSG, cholesterol, and additives. Learn more at

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