The CBD Brand Focused on Family

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CBD startup Zero In On Nutrition is more than just another brand in the flourishing cannabidiol industry. It is a company that is built on family, is focused on community, and is seeking genuine holistic solutions for its rapidly expanding customer base.

Once you’ve seen how the sausage is made, it’s hard to partake in the results. At least, that’s how entrepreneur Rocco DiPietro felt when he launched his CBD brand Zero In On Nutrition. DiPietro had spent a portion of his past career in the nutraceutical field and he had seen how sketchy things can get behind closed doors, even in the food and health industry. Cutthroat business decisions, cost-cutting measures, and eroding quality can slowly but surely water down a brand and undermine its products.

When DiPietro and his partners launched Zero In On Nutrition, they had a different standard — a gold standard — in mind. They didn’t want to compromise or cut corners in the name of building a business empire. Instead, they chose to put family and community at the heart of their operation.

The goal was simple: to invite their customers into the “family fold,” so to speak, by producing the absolute highest quality CBD products on the market. Shallow pitches and quick sales were rejected in favor of building a solid customer base. Customer loyalty was to be cultivated not simply because they offered a great deal or the best price but because the customers actually felt cared for. DiPietro even made sure to include a pure, THC-free option for dogs as well, knowing that canine health was a top priority for many of his customers.

While most CBD brands are currently in the burgeoning market to make a quick buck, Zero In On Nutrition has its sights set on something bigger than short-term revenue or hard-nosed profits. The family and friends that sit at the core of the enterprise have kept their company aimed toward the critical concept of community.

The brand started out as an enterprise dedicated to the holistic betterment of those around them. As it has continued to expand its reach across the United States, it remains firmly committed to, in the words of DiPietro, “creating a healthy and overall wellness foundation for our whole entire demographic.”

About Zero In On Nutrition: Zero In On Nutrition was founded by four childhood friends who grew up on the same block. Their growing company’s vision is focused not just on providing CBD products, but helping to equip their customers with an essential tool that can “help as many people as we can live a fulfilling and healthy life through our products and the power of CBD.”

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