Texas Favorite Wellborn 2R Beef Shares That Holiday Joy Comes in Different Packages for 2020

HENRIETTA, Texas, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The end of this challenging year comes with gift-givers considering sharing presents with a deeper meaning and community support than in years passed.  Coupled with more and more people steering away from brick and mortar stores in favor of shopping online, Texas born-and-bred Wellborn 2R Beef is seeing that trend directly in their sales of holiday packages this year.

“The feedback we have so far is that customers want to share quality with friends, family, clients and coworkers. This year is less about buying loads of popcorn tins from a big box store, but more about a thoughtful, streamlined experience for the gift giver and exceptional quality directly in the hands of the recipients,” says Carl Garber, head butcher for Wellborn 2R Beef.

“We have seen a year over year increase of those who are ordering our holiday gift boxes that contain the gift of our USDA prime grade steaks – a taste of Texas everyone will appreciate. Beef of this quality is hard to find, that’s why we call it both rare and well done. We have prepared six special gift boxes to fit every occasion and budget. All gift boxes include prime steaks that have been personally chosen by me and arrive in premium packaging. They are shipped right from the ranch and include a hand-written note to the recipient. These are gifts you can be proud to send and the recipients are sure to enjoy them,” he says.

Additionally, this year has shown that Americans are focusing on essentials more than ever. From groceries to beauty products, a new take on non-discretionary products are leading the pack on gifting and showing appreciation this year. “People are wanting to support their local grocer, butcher, candlemakers, etc. If gift-giving is a language, they are saying, ‘I care about you, our shared community, smaller businesses and other meaningful connections,'” says Garber, adding, “And to know exactly where their beef comes from and how it’s raised is an added bonus with our products.”

Wellborn 2R Beef’s Holiday Gift Boxes this year include:

  • 4 NEW YORK STRIPS GIFT BOX for $89.00
  • 4 RIBEYE STEAKS GIFT BOX for $99.00
  • 2 TOMAHAWKS GIFT BOX for $163.00
  • 6 RIBEYE STEAKS GIFT BOX for $149.00

Wellborn 2R Beef’s Butcher shop is open year-round and offers steaks, roasts, ground beef, ribs & brisket.  They ship nationwide in the Continental U.S.

About Wellborn 2R Ranch

Wellborn 2R Ranch is a traditional historic ranch in Henrietta, Texas, located two hours northwest of Dallas. Cattle have been grazing their ranges since the 1870s along with generations of families and cowboys who have tended to them. The combination of optimal cattle growing land and the accumulation of 150 years of experience allows Wellborn 2R Ranch to produce the best, most superior beef product, humanely raised and naturally grown, with transparency throughout the process. They ensure traceability from birth with a third-party verification system to offer consumers additional assurance about where their food comes from.

Wellborn 2R Ranch proudly shares the story of their ranch and the amazing beef they produce for their customers nationwide on their website, https://wellborn2rbeef.com/our-story/ as well as in-person at their ranch and butcher shop in Henrietta, Texas. Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/W2RBeef/ or Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/w2rbeef/

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