TendedBar Blitzes College Football Stadiums in Texas Bringing Innovative Cocktail Service to Fan Experience

AUSTIN, Texas and COLLEGE STATION, Texas, Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With college and professional football games kicking off in the near future, the landscape of live sports experiences continues to transform as TendedBar, a trailblazer in innovative beverage solutions, today announced expansion into NCAA stadiums at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas. Already set to return to NFL stadiums in Jacksonville, Carolina and now San Francisco, TendedBar will provide football fans throughout the country with a truly unique and streamlined process to effortlessly grab a cup, choose from hundreds of drink options, and watch as the automated pouring stations instantly dispense their preferred beverages.

See video of TendedBar in use here.

This expansion continues TendedBar’s growth in sports and entertainment high-volume events while also adding several daily use facilities over the football offseason with its ability to leverage technology to curate unparalleled experiences for customers in a variety of landscapes. The upcoming Texas A&M installations will showcase strategic collaborations with esteemed sponsors, namely Twisted Tea, Madam Paleta, Archer Roose Wine, and TX Whiskey.

“We are excited to unveil the next phase of TendedBar’s growth journey,” said Justin Honeysuckle, CEO. “Over the past six years, we have continuously refined our technology, optimizing user-facing processes, and ensuring scalable and consistent performance. With strategic partnerships in place to bolster our manufacturing and supply chain, we are poised to amplify our production capacity. Our unwavering commitment to reliability and innovation drives us forward, and our next milestone involves securing capital to support our expansion plans as we build our fleet.”

The alliances with these esteemed college stadiums serve as a remarkable showcase of TendedBar’s evolution and innovation in the realm of hospitality technology. TendedBar, the pioneering company specializing in auto-dispensing beer, wine, and made-to-order cocktails, is proud to announce its rapid expansion into new markets, setting the stage for a transformation in the hospitality industry. With a proven track record of increasing efficiency, streamlining processes, and providing unique experiences, TendedBar is poised to revolutionize how beverages are served and enjoyed.

TendedBar’s state-of-the-art technology directly addresses industry-wide challenges, including efficiency, speed, and the growing labor crisis. By incorporating cutting-edge automation, TendedBar eliminates the need for excessive staffing while enhancing the patron experience. This forward-thinking approach not only reduces labor costs but also enables higher pay for “bartenders”, exceeding industry norms and promoting a fair compensation structure.

ABOUT TENDEDBAR – TendedBar is the first fully automated beverage dispensing machine designed for high-volume environments. Not only are TendedBar stations fun to use while creating delicious cocktails, they are faster and more efficient than waiting in line for someone to pour your drink for you. At NFL, NBA, MLS and NCAA Bowl games, premier concert venues, PGA TOUR events, this fan enhancement has already proven to increase efficiency, reduce wait time for customers, increase throughput and serve drinks in seconds, so fans don’t miss a minute of the excitement.

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