SWARM Engineering Introduces AVA – The AgriFood Virtual Advisor Set to Revolutionize the AgriFood Industry

IRVINE, Calif., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SWARM Engineering, a leading innovator in the agrifood sector, is excited to announce the launch of AVA (AgriFood Virtual Advisor). This innovative AI-powered avatar is specifically designed to harness the principles of Challenge Engineering™, providing tailored solutions that address complex challenges in the agrifood industry such as efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

AVA ambitiously bridges the gap between technology and agrifood, leveraging SWARM Engineering’s expertise in Challenge Engineering—a methodology that systematically breaks down problems to identify scalable and efficient solutions. From optimizing supply chain efficiencies to boosting sustainability and profitability, AVA is masterfully designed to navigate the multifaceted issues plaguing the industry.

A New Era of Agrifood Innovation

The agrifood industry is at a pivotal point where technology can offer unprecedented opportunities for growth and sustainability. Recognizing this, SWARM Engineering has leveraged its expertise to create AVA, a virtual advisor that empowers businesses to navigate complex challenges with ease.

“Introducing AVA signifies a leap forward in our quest to meld challenge engineering with AI, offering the agrifood sector an unprecedented resource,” remarked Anthony Howcroft, CEO of SWARM Engineering. “AVA is more than a virtual advisor; it’s a comprehensive solution-engineering partner that embodies our commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and growth.”

Distinctive from conventional AI chatbots, AVA is a sophisticated virtual advisor with a deep understanding of agrifood dynamics and Challenge Engineering. Here are some key features that set AVA apart:

Industry-Specific Knowledge: With a focus on the agrifood sector, AVA speaks the language of agriculture and food production, ensuring precise and relevant insights.

Personalized Solutions: AVA uses SWARM’s Challenge Engineering framework to dissect and understand user-specific issues, tailoring solutions that are adept and actionable.

Ease of Use: Accessibility is paramount. AVA delivers sophisticated solutions through a simple conversational interface making cutting-edge solutions straightforward.

Evolving Intelligence: AVA stays at the forefront of agrifood innovation, continuously integrating the latest advancements in Challenge Engineering and sector-specific insights into its solutions.

Join the Revolution

AVA is now available to all individuals and businesses in the agrifood sector seeking to optimize their operations and tackle complex challenges. With AVA’s guidance, the path to enhanced productivity, sustainability, and profitability is just a conversation away.

To meet AVA and experience the future of agrifood innovation, visit https://community.swarmeng.net.

About SWARM Engineering

SWARM makes it simple for agri-food organizations to discover, define, and solve challenges. We are changing the way the world thinks about problem-solving, and we call our approach Challenge Engineering™. SWARM makes AI accessible for businesses of all sizes and maturity, making it easier to use than Excel or Google Sheets. The result: unparalleled operational efficiency and productivity.

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