SWARM Engineering announces AgriFood Virtual Advisor (AVA), powered by OpenAI and Microsoft Azure

IRVINE, Calif., March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SWARM Engineering is proud to announce AVA, the first AgriFood Virtual Advisor, an AI-powered digital assistant based on OpenAI, Microsoft Azure and SWARM technology, designed to help businesses in agri-food solve operational challenges and save millions of dollars.

“Whether you’re a grower, food producer, inputs company, or retailer, AVA is here to help you identify and define your business challenges, and then deliver full SaaS solutions on Microsoft Azure, utilizing the latest algorithms in Machine Learning and Operational Research,” said Anthony Howcroft, SWARM CEO.

With AVA, businesses can interact by typing or talking and receive a response in any combination of text, audio, and video. AVA can help users save time and money, delivering personalized insights and recommendations based on a deep understanding of agri-food challenges and the client’s organization.

Unlike many other digital assistants, AVA understands agri-food-specific terminology and can generate full SaaS solutions that address business-specific needs. AVA has been trained on SWARM’s engine and templates to identify and accurately describe operational challenges, such as allocation, product blending, animal flow, labor planning, optimizing inbound and outbound logistics, and many more supply chain issues.

Users can work with AVA to identify the critical challenges in their business and benchmark them for current performance. AVA can even interview operational team members and managers to capture tribal knowledge, constraints, and key interdependencies.

“AI is not restricted to sci-fi movies anymore. This technology is ready to use, and I am here to be your guide, your personal consultant, and advisor,” concluded AVA.

“This is a step forward for organizations in food and agriculture,” said Ranveer Chandra, Managing Director of Research for Industry at Microsoft. “It demonstrates the power of combining the latest generative AI with known and trusted application components from Microsoft Azure and Azure SQL Server to deliver powerful solutions and meaningful business results.”

SWARM Engineering is changing the way the world solves problems. Our AI-powered platform helps businesses save costs, reduce waste, and deliver environmental benefits by optimizing key processes such as inbound and outbound logistics, supply/demand balancing, labor and transport planning, and many more. Our solutions do not require any software coding, data science expertise, or knowledge of advanced AI or machine learning.

AVA will be previewed at Animal and World AgriTech in San Francisco, March 13 – 15, and will be available later in 2023 with early access being granted to SWARM Challenge Modeler users. Organizations can start gaining savings immediately and build a platform for AVA to operate from by using the free SWARM Challenge Modeler today: https://community.swarmeng.net 

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