Surfalite 7MM Advanced Surface Slabs Are the Future of Wet Wall Applications

VOLARGNE, Italy, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In an industry where trends are constantly evolving, Santamargherita S.p.A’s 7MM advanced surface, Surfalite, has blended groundbreaking technology with consumer insights to create a surface that is unlike any other on the wet wall surfaces market.

Surfalite combines positive qualities from all of the most popular wet wall surfaces, such as laminate, solid surface, acrylic, fiberglass, porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone into a flawless material for surrounding and protecting baths and showers. The resulting surface is resistant to mold, mildew, abrasion, heat, cracks, and dings, while never needing sealing or grouting, all with easy repairability.

“Just as colored tiles and cultured marble were both popular and inspiring surfaces in their times, we at Santamargherita have been working on creating the surface of the future, and market research is showing that consumers prefer the look and feel of engineered stone slabs and porcelain for wet wall applications.” Santamargherita’s VP of Sales, Michele Caneva, said. “Surfalite combines the lightness of porcelain with the durability of engineered stone.”

Available in large format slabs 130 x 65 x ¼ in (330 x 165 x 0.7 cm), Surfalite’s unique composition and thinness allow it to maintain a light weight 3.5 lbs/sqft (17 kg/sqm) that can be installed in any scenario, granting unlimited creativity to designers and architects.

The advanced surface’s initial range of 16 colors is inspired by natural stone, with more incredible designs coming later this year.

While ceramic and porcelain tiles, as well as acrylic and solid surfaces have had their moments in the past, Surfalite’s properties, which are revolutionary, and colors, which are smart and timeless, have proven it to be the future preferred surface for both commercial and residential wet wall applications.

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Michele Caneva | VP of Sales

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For over 60 years, we have been transforming the material into the surface. The quality of our products, the attention to customer needs and a deep knowledge of international markets make Santamargherita one of the leading companies in the production of marble and quartz agglomerates.

Santamargherita is driven by a passion handed down from generation to generation with deep roots in Valpolicella, Italy — a fascinating land stretching between Garda lake and Verona, with a unique culture, tradition, and skillset. Whether the shades of stone from Veneto or the painted frescos of Venice, each surface was born from the rich landscape and culture of Italy. The combination of the natural beauty of Quartz and Marble with a color palette inspired by the region have led to a timeless yet modern collection to fit every design application. We still engineer, manufacture, and test all our products in the same place where we started more than 50 years ago. Our dedication to sustainability and creativity has remained unchanged.

As ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world, we guarantee the quality of our products, ideal both for residential and commercial projects.

SOURCE Santa Margherita S.p.A.