Supercuts Franchisee Association Highlights Leasecake as a Preferred Partner

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leasecake, an Orlando, Florida-based commercial real estate location-management platform, is now the preferred software for tracking business-critical events at about 400 Supercuts locations in the United States.

With a distributed support staff managing dozens or even hundreds of locations, franchisees are under increasing pressure to implement resources that bring processes online and provide unified information access for all team members. Supercuts Franchisee Association (SFA) President Gary Grace says Leasecake supports that need by ensuring operators never miss a lease renewal and helping them stay on top of the thousands of details, responsibilities, and commitments they juggle every year.

"Leasecake is the admin assistant that never sleeps, gets sick, or takes a day off," Grace said. "Before Leasecake, it was so easy for a lease renewal to slip through the cracks or for a franchisee to lose track of important documents. Now they can keep everything in one simple app that team members can access anytime from anywhere."

Leasecake provides multi-location tenants with quick access to all location and lease information, notifications for business-critical events, and an easy way to collaborate with colleagues and vendors.

"The SFA is shaping the future for Supercuts franchisees and providing guidance to help them build an efficient, long-term business," said Taj Adhav, CEO and founder of Leasecake. "We’re excited to support their needs and offer an innovative solution to the challenges faced by multi-unit operators."

About Leasecake

Leasecake is a SaaS application designed to be the sole source of truth for all lease and location information. The software provides proactive notifications for all business-critical, time-sensitive events and simplifies collaboration across distributed teams. As a result, it helps multi-location operators save time, minimize risk, and better manage their growth.

John Terry

SOURCE Leasecake