Superbird Fuego Proves Spicy Tequila Can Be Insanely Delicious

From Casa Komos Brands Group, the only thing more impressive than Superbird’s distinctive packaging on the outside is the taste of the liquid on the inside

NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Share a sip of Superbird tequila, your friends will thank you. Crafted to perfectly balance the iconic agave spirit, Superbird is for tequila drinkers who love a good story, but aren’t stuck in the past. Superbird is the latest launch by Casa Komos Brands Group (CKBG), created by Richard Betts and Joe Marchese, maker of ultra-luxury, highest-rated Tequila Komos.

Superbird Premium Tequila ($29.99-32.99) is now available in three electric expressions, including Blanco, Reposado and the innovative Fuego. Blanco is perfect for any cocktail, like a Paloma, Margarita, or Tequila Sunrise. Smooth and bright, it is the tequila of choice for a balanced mixed drink. Reposado, with its deep, rich and earthy flavor, is the ideal tequila for sipping and savoring neat or on the rocks.

Fuego, a full-flavored and unrivaled jalapeño-infused spicy tequila, is made for a neat shot or adding delicious heat to any tequila cocktail. It meticulously blends an in-house created jalapeño extract adding just the right amount of heat, while still leaving the imbiber wanting more. Set to become the new star of the spicy tequila world, it promises a tequila experience that is second to none, as well as unparalleled value. Unlike the relatively mild or intensely hot tequilas currently available, Fuego strikes the perfect balance with its rich, full flavor that harmoniously marries the fiery kick of natural jalapeño-infusion with a cool, chilling embrace. It’s designed to be enjoyed ice-cold and neat, delivering a thrilling fire and ice experience that’s unmatched in the market and the social proof of taste. Smooth as silk and bold as can be, Fuego is tequila untamed and thoughtfully crafted to bring the heat to life’s legendary moments and countless occasions shared in groups or with friends.

The brand’s commercial operations are led by President of Superbird, Matthew Slosek. Prior to Superbird, Slosek worked at LVMH on Belvedere Vodka and Moët Hennessy.

“The Superbird brand presents tequila fans with a unique and exciting option in this growing spirit category,” said Matthew Slosek, President of Superbird. “It is a brand that can rely on superior packaging, superior product, unparalleled price to value ratio, and a unique attitude, with premium expressions perfect for every occasion.”

“Superbird Fuego is innovative to the category: there is nothing else like it in the market right now,” he added. “It’s as flavorful as it is spicy – everyone will love it as a delicious chilled shot or as a spicy addition to any cocktail.”

Superbird’s distinctive packaging features an intricate illustration by Ukrainian tattoo artist Oleg Romaniuk. And as with the best tattoos, Superbird is for moments to be remembered and stories to be told. Pour a shot, sip it chilled or on the rocks, mix a cocktail, however you choose, Superbird is best enjoyed in groups.

Superbird can be found at select retailers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington, D.C. Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, New York metropolitan area and upstate, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin, with additional markets launching later this year. Suggested retail price is $29.99 (Superbird Blanco and Superbird Reposado – 40% ABV) and $32.99 (Superbird Fuego – 40% ABV). To learn more about Superbird and let the adventures begin, visit or get social @drinksuperbird.

Invoking  the spirit of community, spontaneity and making lasting memories, Superbird is all about capturing the essence of unforgettable experiences. Distilled from 100% blue agave in Jalisco, MX, Superbird offers a premium line of Bottled Tequila, RTD Tequila Sodas, and Canned Cocktails, and is carefully crafted for any occasion. Follow along @drinksuperbird and

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