Sugar Foods Debuts Groundbreaking Enrobed Sugar Products to Sweeten C-Stores’ Bottom Line

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A leading multinational foods company for the last 60 years, Sugar Foods Corporation has announced the debut of its innovative N’JOY Enrobed Sugar Products at the 2021 NACS Show in Chicago.

N’JOY products are designed to attract more customers, sell more beverages and improve profitability in the c-store segment and other foodservice channels. By switching from traditional sugar-based condiments, flavored syrups and creamer additives, all natural N’JOY products deliver a wealth of benefits traditional sugar products can’t.

A breakthrough enrobing process coats sugar crystals in 100% natural fermented sugar making N’JOY twice as sweet, and many times more enticing to customers. And while consumers enjoy a healthier sweetener alternative with half the calories and fewer carbs, N’JOY products give c-stores many competitive advantages:

  • Great taste
  • Same sweetness with half the calories and less carbs
  • Natural sweetness
  • Significant cost savings AND more profits
  • Better yields with less volume
  • Reduced storage, packaging and waste

Enrobed Sugar Packets are a healthier sweetener alternative that sweetens quicker, dissolves faster and tastes great. They save operators money and satisfy more customers.

Flavor Sticks eliminate messy flavoring syrups, reduce costs and minimize messiness and labor, all while giving customers many natural flavor options with reduced calories.

Flavored Non-Dairy Creamer Sticks present a tastier, tidier and less expensive beverage condiment option for c-stores. And their displays offer a 75% space reduction versus plastic creamer cups.

N’JOY Cocoa & Cappuccino Blends create rich, delicious beverages with half the calories and sugar of conventional alternatives. Plus, they’re less expensive and packaged to require fewer fills throughout the day, saving time and labor.

Enrobed Sugar and Creamier Creamer Concentrated Canisters N’JOY Enrobed Sugar and Creamier Creamer Canisters are great coffee condiment solutions. Canisters feature a smaller lid aperture so consumers pour just the right amount. Both products are shelf stable, require less storage space and with packaging minimized, carbon footprint is also reduced.

Operators will be able to see and sample these innovative products at the N’JOY Booth #955 at the upcoming NACS Show, which will be held at Chicago’s McCormick Place, October 6th through the 8th:

By empowering customers to flavor, whiten and sweeten beverages their way, N’JOY Enrobed Sugar products promise to make c-store beverage bars significantly more profitable.

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