Suckerpunch Enters Into Sports Hydration Alongside New College Football Name, Image, Likeness Deals

The leading pickle brand has brought on Maason Smith (LSU) and Cutter Boley (UK January 2024) for the rollout of SuckerPunch Hydration.

CHICAGO, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SuckerPunch, the maker of premium flavor-packed pickles crafted with a signature 11-spice blend, pickle juice, and pickle snack pack pouches, today announced the extension of the brand with SuckerPunch Hydration.

SuckerPunch Hydration will solely focus on the hydration market while also curating Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) partnerships with college athletes across the county.

The first of the NIL partnerships are with football players Maason Smith (Louisiana State University, and represented by WME Sports for all NIL partnerships) and Cutter Boley (Senior-year quarterback at Lexington Christian Academy in Lexington, KY, and verbal commitment to the University of Kentucky for January 2024 enrollment). These partnerships are the first of many strategic moves to align the brand with the sport’s popularity and its need for a hydration drink that alleviates muscle cramps while aiding in hydration. Football players who engage in intense physical activity often experience muscle cramps due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. By partnering with these athletes, SuckerPunch can showcase the benefits of pickle juice as a natural and effective solution for muscle cramps, helping athletes perform at their best on the field.

“As SuckerPunch enters the hydration space with our electrolyte-enhanced pickle juice, we have begun working with young athletes who embody our values,” said Brian Schmucker, Co-Owner, SuckerPunch. “Maason Smith and Cutter Boley are ideal SuckerPunch athletes. Maason demonstrated loyalty to his home state when he committed to LSU as a top recruit out of high school, and he showed an admirable fighting spirit following his knee injury in 2022. Cutter’s leadership abilities, academic accomplishments, and work ethic are impressive, but his commitment to philanthropy has truly set him apart. We look forward to supporting and partnering these young men as they continue to live our shared values on and off the field.”

This collaboration provides the athletes with opportunities to grow their personal brand and allows SuckerPunch to tap into the dedicated college sports community, increasing brand visibility and establishing a strong connection with consumers who value fitness, performance, and hydration.

“As a Performance Dietitian, the Suckerpunch pickle shots have been a great addition to my electrolyte selection for athletes,” said Laura Anderson, MS, RD, CSSD, and Associate Athletic Director of the Performance Nutrition Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. “It’s crucial for them to replenish lost electrolytes to help prevent muscle cramping from happening, and the quick pickle juice shot provides this in a fun, palatable form. Ultimately, electrolytes can help increase the absorption of the other fluids they are drinking, thus increasing overall hydration status. And while not plentiful, some research suggests that the “acid content” in the pickle juice can actually stop cramps from happening in the moment. It appears as if there could be a nerve receptor that is sensitive to acid and ultimate communication down the spinal cord to where the cramp is occurring.”

Under the SuckerPunch Hydration umbrella is the brand’s current line of 2oz Pickle Juice Shots for hydrating on the go, available in Classic Dill and Spicy Pepper, as well as Classic Dill Pickle juice in 8oz bottles. All hydration shots are made with clean, premium ingredients and powered by magnesium, potassium, and calcium to deliver maximum hydration and relieve cramps faster than anything else.

SuckerPunch Hydration’s support in athletics will cast a wide net from everyday wellness to college and professional sports. The brand has already actively participated in major marathons, motorcycle races, and Runningman 2023, with more unique events to come throughout 2024, beginning with The Arnold.

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