Squareat is Ready to Revolutionize the Food Concept and is Now Live on the Wefunder Platform

MIAMI, Aug. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Squeareat’s fundraising on the Wefunder platform, already reached the minimum target (100,000 dollars) and new investors continue every day to believe in the project by bringing the company closer to the final goal of $700,000 dollars.

Squareat is an innovative startup created to revolutionize the "ready to eat" food industry


The answer is modular squared food.

Squareat’s unique production chain allows the transformation of raw food into standardized 50-gram squares that are healthy, naturally long lasting, tasty and easy to store and deliver.

"We have experienced first-hand the inefficiencies of traditional meal plan services and have seen a clear possibility of disruption in bringing a complete transformation to a sector that is growing tremendously fast, introducing a brand-new concept. Thanks to the Squared shape we are able to run a mass production while using gourmet techniques. Thermal shocking conservation, low temperature cooking, and vacuum sealing packing allow us to produce superior quality food and sell it at an affordable price." Paolo Cadegiani, Founder and CEO of the company, explains.

The Squareat team is a combination of young and passionate entrepreneurs, high rated chefs, web developers, and designers with more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

For the first phase, the business is focused on a meal plan delivery service; a 6-billion-dollar market in the U.S. Their goal is to expand the distribution through different channels taking advantages of the versatile product’s nature and its unlimited applications. It can be sold through vending machines, schools, universities, offices, supermarkets, gyms fridges or as airplanes meals. More investments will certainly accelerate this process bringing the company quickly to the next level.

"The market is currently booming, and no one has cracked the code yet, so we came out with a brand-new solution that could literally be the food of the future," Vincenzo Foglia, Co-founder and CCO of the company, explains.

Squareat’s business model is predicted on scalability and margin controls, in fact, they will be able to deliver the food bi-weekly or monthly. Thanks to their unique structure they can keep all the operations completely unconstrained while keeping minimum staff on site. This combination will generate margins never seen before in the industry.

The campaign launched on Wefunder, the largest crowdfunding portal in the United States; aims to raise the funds allocating the investments both on developing a complete automatized production chain and the marketing campaign. This will result in a big production improvement while cutting costs significantly.

"We are happy to welcome Squeareat on our platform. The United States is a country full of opportunities with people open to a change. We can only wish them a successful campaign," said Nicholas Tommarello, CEO of wefunder.

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