Spice Up Summertime: AYO Foods Debuts New Hot Sauce Line as Interest Increases in Bold Flavors of African Diaspora Cuisine

CHICAGO, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Summertime is right around the corner and this year, people across the country are making up for lost time as BBQs and small outdoor get-togethers are safely added back to schedules. AYO Foods, the authentic and delicious line of West-African inspired cuisine, is spicing up summer with the debut of two hot sauces: Shito and Pepper Sauce. Providing deep flavor profiles – and a little kick – the sauces are perfect to accompany any summer dish or to use as a marinade. The sauces are now available at The Fresh Market stores across the country.

Founded by Perteet and Fred Spencer in 2019, AYO Foods has quickly built a name for its line of delicious and convenient dishes that create mealtime opportunities to explore the world. The company has expanded its offerings to include popular West African dishes – the debut of Puff Puff earlier this year led the way for expansion from the frozen category into the sauce category. Sauce varieties include:

  • Shito Sauce – Smoky, Spicy, Chili Pepper sauce can be used as a base for any classic summer recipe and double as a delicious marinade for your favorite grill item.
  • Pepper Sauce – Hot Habanero Sauce with onion, tomatoes, garlic and basil, the AYO version spices up dishes with a noticeable kick.

AYO’s line of West African culture and food is filling a void in the changing marketplace where African food is significantly underrepresented in the US food and grocery landscape. Met with enthusiasm from shoppers, the line relies on generational family recipes to introduce new customers to African cuisine, while transporting those familiar with the recipes back home.

"We selected the name AYO because it means "Joy" and that’s what our line represents – dishes that have been the focal point of many happy moments for our family. The introduction of sauces is a major milestone for us, while it’s a natural extension of our line, these also represent AYO’s potential to bring West African flavors to more aisles in the store. This is an important bridge for us as a company to continue to share our family favorites with customers and introduce them to, or remind them of, the incredible flavors of West Africa," said Perteet Spencer, co-founder, AYO Foods.

AYO Foods sauces can be found in the sauce aisle with a suggested retail price of $7.99/8.5 oz jar. The rich flavors come from sustainably-sourced ingredients inspired by founders’ Perteet and Fred Spencer’s family traditions. @AYOFoods can be found on Instagram and Facebook. For more information, please visit www.ayo-foods.com.

Founded by Perteet and Fred Spencer in 2019, AYO Foods is a celebration of West African cuisine. AYO Means "joy" in Yoruba, one of the many languages spoken in West Africa. AYO foods feature nutrient-dense, flavor-rich dishes and can be found in the frozen food section at select retailers across the US. To locate a retailer, please visit the company’s website www.AYO-Foods.com. Fans are encouraged to follow @AYOFoods for brand updates on Instagram and Facebook.

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