Southern California Santa Ysabel Tribe Plans to Build Gas Station

SANTA YSABEL, Calif.,, July 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel and its Economic Development Corporation comprised of 3 Board of Director’s Melissa Barnett, Tyler Vargas and James Bucaro who are Tribal Members, will be breaking ground on a four dispenser, 8 pump fuel station this October of 2023 in the back country of Santa Ysabel. The Santa Ysabel Economic Development Corporation began working on the idea of putting a fuel station in for the last few years. With their main objective being to create new business ventures that stimulate the growth of their Tribes Governmental Operations and also create job opportunities for the community, the new fuel station will do just that. They started out their dream by putting in a travel stop convenience store called the Santa Ysabel Roadside which sells a variety of travel essentials. The Santa Ysabel Roadside is at the base of the entrance to their well-known and very successful business Mountain Source Dispensary located at 25575 Hwy 79 in Santa Ysabel. The fuel station is phase 1 of the additions that are planned for the travel stop convenience store where you can fuel up both your vehicle tanks and your human tanks! With fuel prices that will be the lowest around, we hope to see you there come the beginning of 2024!

Media contact:
James Bucaro


SOURCE Santa Ysabel Roadside