Silver Bullet Water Treatment’s Kyle Lisabeth to Serve on Two Prominent Cannabis Industry Advisory Committees

GOLDEN, Colo., Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Silver Bullet Water Treatment, LLC is proud to announce that Kyle Lisabeth, Director of Horticulture Operations & Sales, has been appointed to an advisor role on two prominent cannabis industry committees.

Kyle was named to the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Facility Design Committee (FDC) and the Resource Innovation Institute’s (RII) Water Working Group. Both of Kyle’s committee appointments add to the increasingly influential impact that Silver Bullet Water Treatment has in establishing standards for the US cannabis and controlled environment agriculture industries.

“Kyle’s appointment to these two committees once again spotlights the respect that prominent industry associations have for the Company’s leadership,” said Silver Bullet Water Treatment CEO Brad Walsh. “Silver Bullet Water Treatment stands with these two great organizations to fill the cannabis industry’s need for more uniform facility best management practices and water resource management guidance.”

NCIA is the United States’ leading cannabis policy association to establish governance guidelines for the growing cannabis industry. As a member of NCIA’s FDC provides access to resources for the NCIA community and regulators that will inform the design and use of best management practice-driven, sustainable, and operationally efficient facilities to position our industry to compete in the global marketplace. To effectively influence industry and regulatory leaders, the FDC assembles whitepapers and ‘best practice’ guides, which will be presented and referenced as resources through NCIA’s multiple outreach channels.

RII is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance resource efficiency to create a better agricultural future. RII’ Water Working Group’s goal is to establish baseline data and provide guidance on sustainable water management in the cannabis sector.  As part of the Water Working Group, Lisabeth will advise RII on a range of issues, including upgrades to its Cannabis PowerScore benchmarking tool.  The Cannabis PowerScore tool was developed to enable governments and other stakeholders a more accurate understanding of cannabis water use and how geographies and cultivation methods impact usage rates. Lisabeth and the Water Working group also will counsel RII on its farm outreach strategies to gather best practices.

“I’m honored to be given the opportunity to work with these highly respected industry committees and to contribute what I see on a daily basis,” said Lisabeth. “This type of guidance is much needed, and these organizations are taking the lead to establish standards that will continue to allow the industry to evolve in a sustainable manner.”

Walsh views Lisabeth’s dual appointments as confirmation of Silver Bullet Water Treatment’s ongoing impact on the industries the Company serves. “Silver Bullet Water Treatment is positioned to provide a unique proposition to the industries that we serve. As a water management design and engineering company, combined with our participation in several industry committees, we have the opportunity to deliver our customers and the industries we serve the best consulting, solutions, and education. Beyond technology, Silver Bullet provides our clients and partner organizations access to industry leaders like Kyle, whose knowledge, experience, and influence make major impacts every day.” 

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