Sidekick Soda Enters U.S. Market with Exclusive Launch in Erewhon

The Soft Drink Alternative Now Available to Los Angeles Area Residents in Three Refreshing Flavors: Plum, Strawberry & Plum, and Mango

LOS ANGELES, March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sidekick Soda, the vibrant and health-conscious soft drink brand from New Zealand, is excited to announce its launch into the United States market at Erewhon, a renowned health-food mecca in Los Angeles. Sidekick Soda offers a refreshing alternative to traditional soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, featuring a range of three lively flavors – Plum, Strawberry & Plum, and Mango – all crafted with approximately half the daily recommended dose of apple cider vinegar, and New Zealand honey. Sidekick Soda retails for $6.49 for 275 mL.

“There is significant demand for all-natural beverages that are healthier alternatives to alcohol or high-sugar soft drinks, so it was important for us to create something that tastes delicious and isn’t full of non-sugar sweeteners,” said Fiona Tomlinson, Co-Owner of Sidekick Soda. “We’re thrilled to launch Sidekick Soda in the US at Erewhon, where discerning customers will appreciate the unique flavors and wellness benefits of our New Zealand honey and apple cider vinegar drinks.”

Developed by Fiona and her son Rogie Tomlinson-Gillies during the 2021 lockdown, Sidekick Soda is the second line of beverages from the family, following the success of the Damson Collection Plum Liqueur, which clinched the prestigious title of World’s Best Fruit Liqueur at the World Liqueur Awards in 2020. Sidekick Soda stands out in the market with its commitment to using real fruit, organic New Zealand apple cider vinegar, and pure New Zealand honey. The inclusion of apple cider vinegar, known for its health properties, brings a refreshing ‘zing’ to each flavor, while also being beneficial for gut health.

In addition to Erewhon, Sidekick Soda is available internationally at retailers such as New World and WHSmith stores in Australia. The brand’s expansion into Erewhon marks an exciting milestone for the family-owned business, introducing the all-natural, virtuous soft drinks to health-conscious consumers in Los Angeles.

Sidekick Soda invites everyone to join the fizzy fun and experience the goodness of their all-natural fruity soft drinks. For more information, visit To keep updated on Sidekick Soda’s developments follow on Instagram at @SidekickSoda.

Sidekick Soda is a tasty, refreshing, and all-natural beverage. A delicious blend of organic apple cider vinegar, real fruit, and New Zealand honey, it is a natural alternative in a world full of traditional high-sugar, chemical-loaded soft drinks and alcoholic tipples. Mother-and-son team Fiona Tomlinson and Rogan Tomlinson-Gillies developed Sidekick Soda during a Covid-19 lockdown in 2021. They aimed to create a sustainable, all-natural, and functional beverage that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Think of it as your sidekick.

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