Shibui Becomes Most Awarded Japanese Whisky to Launch in the United States

NEW YORK, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shibui Whisky has become the most awarded Japanese whisky brand to launch in the United States, earning a record number of accolades in its first nine months with 15 medals and 19 scores of 90 or above from global spirits competitions and world-renowned experts.

Among Shibui’s nine initial range offerings, the Single Grain 10-Year-Old Virgin White Oak was certainly a highlight, earning a staggering 95 points from the 2021 International Wine and Spirit Competition and 95 points from the 2021 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, as well as recognition as a Chairman’s Trophy Finalist.

Part of IND Beverages, a woman-owned company founded by sisters Lauren and Rachel Simmons, Shibui launched in October with nine unique expressions aged up to 30 years. The sisters brought in Co-Owner and Head of Global Whisky Nicholas Pollacchi to lead Shibui to success.

"We are honored and delighted that Shibui whiskies have been so well received by some of the greatest aficionados and experts around the world, especially in such a short amount of time," said Pollacchi. "We look forward to raising the bar so our customers can continue to raise a glass of award-winning whisky."

Competing against 4,000 entrants from 86 countries at IWSC and similarly thousands of entrants from 52 countries at USC, Shibui is quickly making a name for itself in the spirits industry. 

Highlights from International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), Ultimate Spirits Challenge (USC), San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) and Whisky Advocate (WA):

Shibui Niigata Range
Grain Select – USC: 90 points, SFWSC: Silver Medal
Pure Malt РIWSC: 92 points 
Pure Malt 10 YO – IWSC: 91 points, USC: 92 points, SFWSC: Gold Medal

Shibui Okinawa Range
Single Grain Small Batch 8 YO Sherry Cask – WA: 90 points
Single Grain 10 YO Bourbon Cask – IWSC: 92 points, USC: 94 points & Chairman’s Trophy Finalist
Single Grain 10 YO Virgin White Oak Cask – IWSC: 95 points, USC: 95 points & Chairman’s Trophy Finalist
Single Grain 15 YO Sherry Cask – IWSC: 92 points, USC: 92 points, WA: 92 points
Single Grain 18 YO Sherry Cask – USC: 91 points
Single Grain 30 YO Rare Cask Reserve – WA: 91 points

Shibui whiskies are crafted by multiple award-winning distilleries from two different regions of Japan, making their range of whiskies truly unique. Shibui World Blends showcase the art of Niigata Master Blenders who create exquisite marriages of flavor using multi-cask maturation. Shibui Single Grain whiskies are a reflection of the Japanese distilleries in Okinawa who distill the grains of the land and make whisky unlike any other.

Trailblazers in transparency, Shibui wants consumers to know exactly what is in the glass. Shibui shares details about the distilleries, grains, blends, fermentation, distillation and maturation, as well as the fact that all Shibui whiskies are 100% natural in color.

Ranging from World Blends to Single Grain Japanese whiskies aged up to 30 years, Shibui is priced from $49 to just over $1,000 creating an opportunity to try a Shibui whisky at every level.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Nicholas Pollacchi, contact Alanna Massey at 941-812-3664 or
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