SEXY AF, Sober Celebrities Favorite Brand of Alcohol-Free Spirits Won Four Double Gold Medals for Best Taste at the World Spirit Awards

SAN FRANCISCO, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — From major Hollywood productions to Netflix and Amazon shows, SEXY AF Spirits is quickly becoming the “it” brand for celebrities, athletes and social media influencers who are sober, sober curious or mindful drinking and cutting back on their alcohol consumption.

Now with the first ever Double Gold medal awarded to an alcohol-free spirit, an unprecedented four Double Gold medals and five medals overall at the World Spirit Awards in San Francisco, SEXY AF Spirits is positioned for a major global expansion into the most influential bars, restaurants, resorts & casinos around the World.

“SEXY AF’s earliest clients were influential people who wanted to cut back on alcohol, but they still wanted to be trendy and not have the stigma of being the boring, dry, non-drinker in the crowd. They wanted a spirit that is handcrafted, 100% alcohol free, made from organic botanicals, vegan, sugar free, gluten free and low calorie.” said Jo-Anne Reynolds SEXY AF CEO.

With the global pandemic the World stayed home and even more celebrities publicly cut out alcohol on social media, the secret of SEXY AF Spirits got out and people were learning about us via Instagram and Google. People learned how to craft alcohol free mocktails & recipes via YouTube and Facebook and thousands started to begin sharing this information with their friends; so we setup and social media accounts @SexyAFSpirits to meet increasing demand from the worldwide audience.

Thanks to an influx of alcohol-free providers, including online stores, AF specific apps and specialty bottle shops, sales are up over 3,500% and we expect this trend to continue globally throughout 2021 and beyond. “Worldwide, Millennials and Gen Z’ers are cutting out alcohol and sharing on social media like Tik Tok makes it even easier for you to find others who are SEXY AF.” said Reynolds.

“Every day we hear feel good stories from people using our products, from pregnant women, religious communities, recovering alcoholics and more. People’s reasons for not drinking alcohol are so vast, we are tagged daily on social media with people sharing their SEXY AF sober success stories.”

Most recently, SEXY AF has been in discussions with the UK, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, China and Dubai with providing our unique brand of alcohol-free spirits to distributors and retailers, as well as direct to consumers.

SEXY AF is also leading discussions with US colleges to bring alcohol free to numerous campus bars in Fall of 2021 due to increased demand from students who are now partying alcohol free. 

“We have a clear vision, to make the world’s best tasting alcohol-free spirits. To win four Double Gold at the world’s most influential spirit awards proves we provide you a healthy alternative to alcohol, with no compromise on your cocktails taste, and that’s SEXY AF.”

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