Scientific Analysis Proves Where to Find the Best Beef in the USA

LUBBOCK, Texas, Jan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Top Beef breeders and scientific analysis come together to determine the best Steaks in the USA! The Triple Crown Steak Challenge is where great steaks go to become Champions. Connect with Top Breeders for a taste of the best steaks in the US. Learn how to judge the quality of steaks before you purchase. Buy direct. Delicious tender, healthy, luxurious Wagyu beef exists without import pricing! Top contestants and Meat Buyers Guide are featured in the November Issue of Witt Magazine. 

This unique competition defined the finest ribeye steaks from Wagyu cattle raised and bred in the US. The competition uses the advanced technology of meat imaging and the art of cattle raising to determine the award-winning quality of the meat.

There are eight categories to the Triple Crown Steak Challenge held in Lubbock, Texas at the prestigious Texas Tech University Meat Science Department: The categories are the Triple Crown Champion, Grand Champion, Reserve Champion, Sensory Panel, Tenderness, MIJ Camera Assessment, Expert Visual Assessment, and Fatty Acid Profile which determines the healthiest beef. In addition, there are several Top 5 categories.

Grand Champion: Winner with the top combined scores overall. This year Twin Oaks was named the Grand Champion winner of the Triple Crown Steak Challenge with entry steak #42, a 100% Fullblood Wagyu entry. They are located in Virginia and sell their Champion Wagyu beef online. 

Reserve Champion: Runner up with the second-highest scores was Morace Cattle Company, Cleveland, Texas. Morace Cattle with steak entry # 47 a 100% Fullblood Wagyu took top honors in several categories. Morace cattle company also sells their award-winning Beef. 

Grand Champion Percentage: Midland Meats/Scharbauer Ranch, Midland Texas was Grand Champion overall in the percentage Category and Number One in the Fatty Acid Profile for healthy beef over all the entries both Fullblood and Percentage. This is a testament to the quality of their beef and their breeding genetics that have been passed down through the ages.

Fareway Grocery, located in Iowa, sells Award-winning Triple Crown Wagyu Beef from Fedderson Wagyu. They still cut their beef in the market. They have many packages and offer discounts for their specials of the month. You may buy online or in the store.

To see more information on all of the winners and learn how to judge for quality beef, refer to the meat issue of Witt Magazine. The magazine lists all of the winners and their information. You can learn about the test conducted and meet the professors who dedicate their lives to improving beef quality here in the US.

If you want to learn about the testing performed, a video of the testing is available to view by anyone who signs up at The Triple Crown Steak Challenge benefits everybody by releasing the collected data to the USDA in the hope of expanding the grading system to assist consumers in purchasing quality beef.

The Challenge invites consumers to visit their websites  and to learn more about the new technology and information related to improving the performance of beef quality. Consumers may also subscribe free to WITT magazine, an online publication with the latest food, recipes, and beef quality innovations. The magazine also introduces you to the dedicated Wagyu Producers that use technology and research to improve their herds so the consumer can have an extraordinary eating experience of tenderness, taste, and health benefits that far exceed any other beef in the US market.

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