Refined Shanghai Cuisine Rockets Che Li to #8 on Pete Well’s 2023 List of the 100 Best Restaurants in NYC

NEW YORK, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From ambitious preparations to neurotic attention to detail, Che Li seeks to bring nothing but the best that Shanghai cuisine has to offer and postures high at a ranking of number eight in Pete Well’s 2023 ‘100 Best Restaurants in New York City‘ article. Stationed at the flagship location in Flushing, Queens, multi award-winning chef Linqun Wang curates a menu of refined classic fares from the Jiangzhe region. Definitively, Che Li’s dishes are a fusion of cuisines from Wuxi, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai. Therefore, beloved patrons get to enjoy crispy, delicate, savory-sweet flavors when either dining at their St. Mark’s or Flushing location.

“I challenge anyone to try our Soup Dumplings and say that they’ve had better,” says Che Li East Village General Manager, Jason He. “As a company, we’ve went above and beyond to transport our customers into a different world. New York will continue to see that my faith in my staff and our craft is far from misplaced.”

Matching Jason’s pride is Chef Wang, whose wife, Fang Fang, works side-by-side with him in the heat of the kitchen to meticulously send perfection out to the dining area one dish at a time. “We understand that the palette for tastes and textures vary between our home and yours, but our way of refining Jiangzhe cuisine enforces anyone who states that they’ve had authentic dishes at either one of our locations.”

Artisanal level Dim-Sum such as the Osmanthus Rice Cakes and Crispy Lava that leaves patrons to wonder whether they came from the kitchen or a gallery. A glimpse of their appetizers section featuring a Braised Half Duck sets the expectation for the main dishes. Che Li’s Longjing Shrimp is hand-peeled and blanched to a smooth, tender perfection before being paired with a savory Longjing tea sauce in a stunning presentation. The crispy, sweet profile of their fried seafood dishes such as ‘Squirrel’ Fish and Crispy Eel turns delicacy to objectively delectable. Enjoy Chef Wang’s many ways of using crab and its deep flavor along with their well-balanced Braised Pork Belly. 

Che Li East Village, located on St. Mark’s Place, teleports customers to a quintessential old-Chinese style pawn-shop neighborhood while their Flushing location boasts an interior mimicking a river-size dining experience along a winding Jiangnanese pathway. This is their effort to bring a piece home (or two) to the other side of the world and with plans of expansion, New Yorkers are excited to see how Che Li is going to immerse their patrons next.

Media Contact:
Brian Pai