QuickFreeze® (by Tippmann Engineering) Receives Patent for QFM, The Fastest Way to Freeze A Pallet

FORT WAYNE, Ind., April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — QuickFreeze® (by Tippmann Engineering) made in the U.S.A., is equipment driving innovation in the cold chain. The latest innovation, QFM, was issued its first patent, patent #10,921,043.  The QFM, released in 2019, allows cold storage providers and food production facilities to freeze (temper, chill, etc…) palletized products faster than ever before.

QFM, when integrated with Warehouse Management Software (WMS), allows users to freeze each pallet on its own schedule by dynamically varying the dwell time based on the SKU. This evolution in palletized blast freezing gives the operator the ability to build freezing profiles, manage more efficiently with lidar-powered occupancy sensing, while monitoring everything through a cloud-based dashboard. 

QFM was co-invented by Dan, Bob and Dave Tippmann. Field testing began in 2017 and the first units started rolling off the assembly floor in late 2019. Dan Tippmann is the sole original inventor of QuickFreeze®, which was first installed in 2008.

“We were excited that this patent was issued as we have had a great response from the industry. Our mission is to ‘build cool solutions,’ and the QFM is a great example of that. The operations intelligence that the QFM delivers live at every level of an organization is groundbreaking.  We enjoy developing products that improve the food we eat.  And it is fun to be the fastest.”

Bob Tippmann, President, Tippmann Engineering

For the latest information on QuickFreeze® related IP, see: https://quickfreeze.com/patents/

About QuickFreeze: QuickFreeze® (by Tippmann Engineering) is an industrial equipment manufacturer that develops equipment for the cold chain.  QuickFreeze® utilizes time-honed expertise and advanced technology solutions to create products that scale with a business and are designed to improve ROI.  QuickFreeze® provides a full suite of cold storage engineering services and operations guidance.  QuickFreeze® innovations include the patented QF+® In-Rack Freezing System, the T2 Spacer™, and recently QFM, “The fastest way to freeze a pallet.” https://quickfreeze.com/

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