Pure NZ Brings Nature and Tech Together

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Bottled water brand Pure NZ has been turning heads in its native New Zealand for years now. The company delivers a steady stream of bottled water products that are sustainably manufactured directly at the source of a local aquifer outside of the nation’s largest city.

Pure NZ has supplied the Land of the Long White Cloud with crystal clear drinking water ever since it was established over a decade ago. The company has managed to deliver naturally filtered pure spring water at the rapid rate of as much as 28,000 bottles per hour due to its ability to “combine an abundant supply with ease of production.”

The “abundant supply” part of Pure NZ’s recipe for success comes from the company’s proximity to the water itself. The enterprise manufactures and fills bottles with some of New Zealand’s purest spring water. This happens to be contained in a vast underground aquifer that is located right under the company’s bottling factory.

This allows Pure NZ to literally take the water from the source and immediately package it for delivery to customers. This gives the brand a unique ability to control the quality of the liquid itself by cutting out things like transportation and decontamination due to excessive human tampering.

Along with bottling at the source, Pure NZ has managed to ease the production method by building a state-of-the-art bottling facility designed for maximum productivity. This factory utilizes both its enormous size and its automated production capabilities to pump out hundreds of thousands of bottles of water each day. This has put Pure NZ in the driver’s seat when it comes to supplying its home country with its own brand of drinkable water. Additionally, Pure NZ also offers private label manufacturing for many of its retail chain partners.

This unique combination of technology and proximity to a natural resource has allowed the company to capitalize on this powerful combination. Pure NZ has become an industry leader that specializes in the high-volume delivery of high-quality water to an ever-increasing audience of both fellow Kiwis and a growing global customer base.

Water has always been an essential part of life on Earth. One can live for weeks without food but only days without water. While H2O, in general, has always been important, though, the finite quantity of fresh, clean water has been highlighted in recent years due to the thirsty needs of a growing global population. Pure NZ is doing its part to address this issue through sustainable sourcing (they even use bottles that are made of recycled plastic), cutting-edge manufacturing, and a desire to bring its aquatic products to as many people around the world as possible.

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