Prospero Winery & Grapes Celebrates 50 Years of Serving the Pleasantville, NY Community

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y., April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Prospero Winery & Grapes is very proud and honored to announce that 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of our family owned & operated business. Since our initial start in 1972, Prospero Winery & Grapes has established and relished in the rich tradition of home-based, local winemaking; we believe locals, businesses, and visitors to the Mid-Hudson region deserve to have access to the finest, highest-quality wine and grapes available in the industry. Prospero Winery & Grapes and our Pleasantville, NY winery sources continue to supply expertly-grown grapes and juices for home production, commercial use, and local consumption. As our organization celebrates our 50th anniversary, we’re reaffirming our rooted traditions and sharing an inside look at our generational commitment to quality.

Prospero Winery & Grapes’ origins date back to 1972, when our founder, Tony Prospero, started selling California wine grapes from a fruit stand, in order to help home winemakers produce their own hand crafted wine. From there, he quickly moved into supplying winemaking equipment as well, creating multi-generational relationships with clients and establishing his own reputable branding. Over 25 years later, in 1999, Prospero established his own bonded winery operation, growing his platform and continuing to provide affordable wines to local residents. Our commitment to offering well-known California-sourced grapes, combined with our rich family heritage, has allowed us to launch more community-friendly and environment-conscious projects, including:

  • In 2001, we introduced a yearly Home Winemaker Competition for passionate winemakers and enthusiasts in our local area.
  • In 2018, we installed solar panels at our Pleasantville, NY facility and organized a perpetual "Refill Your Own Wine" program, all in an effort to be more environmentally-friendly.
  • In 2020, we launched a Home Winemaker Competition Dinner fundraiser to support the Blythedale & Maria Fareri Children’s Hospitals. Prospero Winery & Grapes is dedicated to helping these hospitals for years to come. More information about this annual competition dinner can be found at .

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2022, we are proud to share our Prospero family hobby, winemaking, with local home winemakers. At Prospero winery, we strive to create new, expressive wines for everyday enjoyment. We’re proud to welcome more individuals, families, and commercial businesses in the Westchester County and Mid-Hudson region into our family legacy and to share our traditions with you!

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About Prospero Winery & Grapes:
Prospero Winery & Grapes is a winery and grape supplier for local winemakers and wine enthusiasts in Pleasantville, NY.  With a rich family tradition in winemaking, its world-class winemakers continue to bring the quality and taste of the Gold Coast to the Mid-Hudson region. Prospero is trusted by wineries throughout the U.S. and Canada as a provider of everything needed to make fine wine. From freshly-harvested grapes and juices to commercial winemaking equipment, Prospero has it all.

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