Pouring with A Purpose—BLQK Coffee Announces Inaugural Line-Up of Philanthropic Partners to Champion Educational, Economic and Food Justice Initiatives

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BLQK, the social enterprise coffee company that pairs caffeine with a cause, is pleased to announce its inaugural line-up of philanthropic partners. BLQK Coffee is setting the standard for social enterprise organizations, with a commitment to pouring 25 percent of their profits to support a slate of social justice initiatives.

Coming off a successful launch earlier this year, BLQK is pleased to partner with the following organizations through June 2021 (in alphabetical order): 

  • Brotherhood Crusade – 53-year-old grassroots organization has a vision of improving quality of life and meeting the needs of low-income, underserved, under-represented and disenfranchised individuals. The organization aims to remove and/or help individuals overcome the barriers that deter their pursuit of success by effectuating improved health and wellness, facilitating academic success, promoting personal, social and economic growth, providing access to artistic excellence and cultural awareness, increasing financial literacy and building community agencies and institutions. 
  • Thrive Scholars The mission of Thrive Scholars is to help high-achieving, low-income underrepresented students get into and graduate from top colleges and to equip them to achieve their full career potential. The organization is rooted in the clear conviction that where talented students of color are concerned, our society needs a new goal and way forward. The name is rooted in the desire of the organization – to see students not just have access to – but THRIVE –  in their educational and career opportunities. 

BLQK supports philanthropic partners through both financial and in-kind donations, as well as by carving out time to engage with the organizations in areas of need to positively impact the communities they serve.  Coffee lovers can join in and support BLQK quarterly partners by purchasing the thoughtfully sourced, artisanally roasted coffee online at BLQK.Coffee or by connecting with the organizations directly for volunteer opportunities. 

“Great ideas, productive meetings and conversations that progress social discourse all happen around a cup of coffee. Good coffee fuels our passion to show up each day as our best selves and to give back to the communities we are a part of. Our philanthropic partners are making significant impacts in their respective spaces and we are fully supportive of their efforts as they continue to change the world,” said Justin Watson, co-founder, BLQK Coffee. 

BLQK Coffee founders and BIPOC entrepreneurs Justin Watson and Ritchie Tuazon are reimagining how business gets done. Keeping what people know and love about specialty coffee—the aromas, flavor and buzz—BLQK Coffee (pronounced phonetically: B-L-Q-K) is also redefining the coffee experience to focus on love, learning and leadership. 

Made fresh to order and shipped out of Los Angeles, BLQK Coffee is now available to purchase online (single purchase or recurring subscription) in whole bean and ground formats, with a choice of two specially crafted blends. 

In addition to their ongoing fiscal support of nonprofit causes, BLQK will also provide meaningful educational content and opportunities for coffee lovers to become more active in their communities. 

Made fresh to order, BLQK Coffee varieties are available for both subscription service and individual purchase, starting at $18 per 12 oz. bag. BLQK Philanthropic partners rotate on a quarterly basis. To learn more about the program, or to nominate an organization for consideration, please visit www.BLQK.coffee. Follow @BLQKCoffee on Instagram for company news, social justice commitment updates and coffee education.

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