Positivity Will Keep You Fresh During the Holiday Stress

ATLANTA, Dec. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The team behind Positivity Alkaline Water is well aware that the holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but they’re also one of the busiest. There’s no end to the number of articles written about professional stress, work-life balance, sticking to dietary restrictions, and navigating tricky family situations as the year winds down.

One area that tends to go under the radar, though, is hydration. Even during the cold winter months, sufficient water intake is a critical part of a healthy daily lifestyle. It’s recommended that women should drink around eight 8-ounce glasses of water and men around twelve 8-ounce glasses of water on chilly days.

The problem is, it’s far too easy to forget about that precious H20 when you’re dealing with all of the holiday bustle.

That’s where Positivity Alkaline Water is working hard to remedy the situation. The bottled water brand is a well-known Atlanta staple that recently entered the larger U.S. market with its signature 9.5+ pH alkaline water.

Each bottle comes in at just shy of 24 fluid ounces per container — making them equivalent to roughly three 8-ounce glasses of water apiece. In addition, their convenient sports caps make each bottle an easy grab-n-go option during all of the holiday bustle. To top it off, Positivity offers a subscription option that ensures the water will keep on flowing directly to your door, whether you have time to think about it or not.

All of these factors reinforce Positivity Alkaline Water’s mission, which it succinctly states as a desire to "refresh, restore, and renew."

This starts with the basics, that is, the need to refresh your body with both water and the positive electrolytes that every bottle contains. From there, the brand aims to restore the body’s pH balance, offering a superior environment to maintain one’s health.

When it comes to the renewal side of things, it’s in the name. In the words of company owner and bottled water connoisseur, David M. Walker, Esq., "Positivity Alkaline Water is all about alkaline water drinkers who have a positive mindset. We really try to convey that drinking our water makes you more positive, physically by increasing your pH intake as well as mentally by, you know, actually thinking positive."

From literal hydration and nutrients to a positive mindset, Positivity Alkaline Water is an ideal friend to have by one’s side this holiday season. It’s a beneficial tool, a helping hand, and a constructive way to survive and thrive over the next several weeks and beyond.

About Positivity Alkaline Water: Positivity Alkaline Water was launched in December of 2017, operates out of Atlanta, Georgia, and is owned by serial entrepreneur David M. Walker, Esq. The brand is a subsidiary of StarWalker Industries, Inc., a minority-owned manufacturer and distributor of bottled water brands. Learn more about Positivity at positivitywater.com.

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