Positivity Offers an Alkaline Water That Actually Tastes Good

ATLANTA, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alkaline water is lauded for its ability to restore pH balance to the body. But that doesn’t mean it always goes down easy. If it isn’t manufactured properly, it’s easy for the popular water option to taste bitter. Bottled water brand Positivity Alkaline Water has cracked the code when it comes to creating alkaline water that is as tasty as it is pH-positive.

Water is a necessity of life. But that doesn’t mean it always tasted good. Tap water can vary in flavor from one city to the next. Even pure spring water can have its own essence that waffles between varying levels of acidity and sweetness.

Alkaline water, in particular, tends to struggle with neither acidity nor sweetness, but rather bitterness. When water is made alkaline, it’s all too easy for the higher pH levels to leave a drinker with an unpleasant experience.

But there’s one bottled water brand based out of Atlanta, Georgia that has managed to crack the code when it comes to creating flavorful, delicious alkaline water. Positivity Alkaline Water is well-known in Atlanta and the surrounding areas as a hydration option that is genuinely pH positive. How much so? The brand boldly states right on the bottle that its water has a whopping pH level of 9.5+.

In many cases, taking typical water (usually around a neutral 6.8 to 7 pH level) and cranking its pH level up that high would warp the flavor of the beverage. But Positivity doesn’t start with typical, neutral water.

The brand gets its H²O from the nearby Smoky Mountains where natural spring water is sourced from the local municipality of Greenville, Tennessee. This means the company is working with water that, from the get-go, has been boosted to around an 8+ pH level by nature. From there, Positivity puts the liquid through a process that uses minerals to boost the pH to a more effective 9.5+ level.

This process enables Positivity to tamper with the original water as little as possible. The end result is a drink that is impressively pH positive while also sporting a GREAT TASTE. Pure and clean, every drop of Positivity water backs up the brand’s objective to provide consumers with an alkaline product that is able to taste fantastic even while it restores their pH balance.

About Positivity Alkaline Water: Positivity Alkaline Water was launched in December of 2017, operates out of Atlanta, Georgia, and is owned by serial entrepreneur David M. Walker, Esq. The brand is a subsidiary of StarWalker Industries, Inc., a minority-owned manufacturer and distributor of bottled water brands. Learn more about Positivity at positivitywater.com.

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