Popular Sugar-Free Brand, Good Good, Closes $2 Million Round of Funding and Releases New Keto-Friendly Pancake & Waffle Mix

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND, Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Good Good, the Icelandic brand known for its no added sugar products including jams, spreads, keto bars, and natural sweeteners, announces today the closing of a $2-million Series A follow-up round of investment led by current investors,Icepharma, K2B Investments, and Aton.JL. This news coincides with the launch of the brand’s newest no added sugar, keto-friendly product: Pancake & Waffle Mix. The funding comes a year after the brand received a $3-million Series A round of investment in spring of 2020 and will help Good Good scale its production and new product innovation efforts.   

"Taking part in the expansion and development of Good Good this past year and a half has been very exciting," said Svanhildur Nanna Vigfusdottir of K2B Investments, one of the firms participating in this round. "The company’s management has clearly demonstrated the high demand for its products, which today are sold in 8,500+ outlets in 36 countries. Sales in 2020 increased by 171% over the previous year, despite the major challenges in both production and distribution resulting from COVID-19, and this positive sales growth has continued in 2021. This share capital increase will further boost the company’s capacity, enabling it to respond to the extra demand that is evident in new orders received, and to reinforce its operations with an expanded product line and entry into new markets."

The latest addition to Good Good’s product line is its new Pancake & Waffle Mix, which customers can enjoy without worrying about excessive consumption of refined sugars and carbohydrates. The new product is made with ingredients such as almond flour and egg white powder, and is sweetened with erythritol, a low-calorie natural sweetener. As with almost all Good Good products, the mix is non-GMO, gluten-free, keto, and diabetes-friendly, and is free from added sugars and artificial sweeteners. Good Good’s Pancake & Waffle Mix expands the brand’s current category lineup of jams, syrups, spreads, keto bars, and natural sweeteners.

Good Good was founded in 2015 to solve the need for sweet products that are diabetic-friendly and made with natural ingredients. With high-quality stevia and erythritol, Good Good has created a roster of products that deliver superior taste and quality for all consumers, whether they are seeking low-sugar, low-carb, or 100% natural products. Good Good products can be found globally at over 8,500 physical retail locations, on various online retailer sites – including Amazon.com and Walmart.com – and on its own website. Already among Amazon US’ and UKs Best Sellers in Jams, Jellies & Preserves, Good Good is further developing its online and offline sales channels to make its products more widely available to a growing base of health-conscious consumers.

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"We are so grateful to our investors who continue to support and believe in our brand," said Gardar Stefansson, co-founder and CEO of Good Good. "Our brand has been growing rapidly, showcasing the growing desire for naturally sweetened products that don’t compromise on taste. With this newest round of funding, we will have an opportunity to bring our products into more households and further develop our product line."

Good Good’s new Pancake & Waffle Mix is now available for sale on GoodGood.net and Amazon.com. For more information and updates on Good Good, please visit GoodGood.net and follow the brand on Instagram via @goodgoodbrand.

Good Good was founded in 2015 when Gardar Stefansson, Agnar Lemacks and Johann Kristjansson were searching for solutions to help relatives with Type 2 diabetes. The trio learned that natural alternatives to sugar were key to limiting sugar intake, and they created a blend of stevia and erythritol to replace sugar in day-to-day foods. After launching a business around this product, they decided to experiment further by creating jams, which quickly became the brands most popular line of products. The brands products now include multiple flavors of jams, spreads, keto bars, syrups, and natural sweeteners.

In pursuit of its company mission to sweeten up your life without any added sugar, Good Good serves a growing audience of consumers who want to enjoy the sweet things in life without worrying about the health risks of added sugar. Since its foundation, Good Good has enjoyed consistent growth, and its products can now be found globally in 36 countries at 8,500+ retail locations, on Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and other online retailers, as well as on goodgood.net. For more information on Good Good, please visit goodgood.net.

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