Pocket-sized, Potent Cannabis Beverage Drink Loud Launches in CA

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, cannabis beverage Drink Loud launches its tiny-but-mighty cannabis potion into dispensaries throughout California. Made with 100 milligrams of THC packed into a 1.8 ounce bottle using proprietary nanotechnology, Drink Loud is both the smallest and most potent cannabis beverage for a fun, discreet, affordable and fast-acting uplift. Manufactured and distributed by Rove Brands, Drink Loud is shelf-stable and candy-flavored, available in four tropical flavors: Chill | Kush Berry, Spark | Cucumber Haze, Maui Blast | Pina Colada and Cruise | Pink Lemonade. Its pocket size, nano-fast onset and high potency, makes Drink Loud potions more like a liquid vape than a traditional cannabis beverage.

Meant to be enjoyed like a 420-take on five-hour energy, or stirred into a canna-cocktail, the range of personalization is nearly limitless. While best served cold, refrigeration is never required, even after opening. When sipping, product onset takes as little as five minutes to set in, or up to 30 on a full stomach. Drink Loud’s juicy-candy flavor means they are equally as delicious enjoyed as a shot, stirred into a slushy or sipped slowly at your favorite music festival. All potion flavors are vegan, gluten-free, contain no GMOs and are sweetened with a combination of sugar and xylitol.

Led by CEO and president Paul Jacobson, Rove manufactures Drink Loud as well as all of its award-winning vapes, flower and tinctures in-house. Always optimizing for quality, Rove has developed a new, proprietary nanotechnology and emulsification process for Drink Loud that ensures no bitter taste and a fast-acting onset of THC that can take as little as five minutes. Drink Loud’s flavors and terpene blends are developed by an in-house chef whose background in restaurants and cannabis food pairing complement Rove’s nanotech for a beverage that’s uniquely functional and delicious.

Of the launch, Jacobson says, "We spent so much time trying to find a nanotech supplier whose technology gave us the fast onset and zero aftertaste that we were after. When we weren’t finding exactly what we and we imagined our community wanted, we developed Drink Loud in-house. I couldn’t be more proud of what our R&D team has created with this new product and category." Drink Loud is now available for sale in California from Desert Hot Springs to Oakland, with dispensary partners including Shango, Atrium, Mr. Nice Guys and More.

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Margaux Lushing


SOURCE Rove Brand