Path of Life Launches Brand New Grain and Broccoli Entree at Costco Wholesales in the Texas Region

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Sept. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Path of Life, makers of frozen grain blends, is about to broc your world with their latest product debut. Expanding into the frozen entree category, the family-focused frozen food brand, just launched their new Organic Grains & Broccoli with Hearty Tomato Pesto Seasoning entree. This is the brand’s first product in the frozen entree category, making it Path of Life’s second category expansion this year.

The broccoli and grain-based entree is fully-seasoned and made with simple ingredients, including an organic grain blend of brown rice, white and red quinoa, organic broccoli and onions. Their nut-free, vegan tomato pesto seasoning is made with nutritional yeast and sundried tomato powder to achieve a rich, pesto flavor. This new entree is fully plant-based and Certified USDA Organic, Gluten-Free Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified.

"As the demand for both better-for-you and plant-based foods grow, we want to continue providing convenient meal solutions that meet our customers’ needs for wholesome products that taste good, are made good, and are good for them," said Audrea Fulton, Senior Vice President of Growth at Path of Life. "We started as a simple side dish brand and have grown exponentially in the last year so we’re beyond excited to bring more of our clean and simple meal solutions to new categories."

The vegetable forward entree will be available to start at Costco Wholesale locations in the Texas region and will provide consumers an inclusive, convenient, and balanced meal solution with 12g of plant-powered protein per serving. Each bag will contain 5 servings and will retail for $10.99.

"During the development process, I often taste new items so much that I get burned out on the flavor, but that never happened with this dish. I ate it every day for five months in order to perfect the seasoning and never once got tired of it," said Charolette Browder, Path of Life’s Culinary Scientist. "Each time I eat it, I enjoy it just as much as the first time I tasted it!"

Path of Life quinoa, rice, and oat-based products can be found in the frozen aisle at a store near you. For more information or to keep up with the brand, please visit or follow them on Instagram at @pathoflifebrand.

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Path of Life was created to provide delicious, high quality, simple, and convenient side dishes and meals that can be incorporated into any lifestyle. Started in 2015, this family-owned company has been focused on making foods that are flavorful and easy to eat. While taste is number one priority, all Path of Life products are made with clean and simple ingredients. Our relationships with growers around the world ensure we consistently deliver the best quality product. Whether you have food allergies, dietary restrictions, or simply love delicious, quality food, Path of Life frozen sides are for you. Learn more at

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