Passion Tree Hard Seltzers is Making Unprecedented Movement in The Hard Seltzer Space

SAN DIEGO, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Passion Tree Hard Seltzers is committed to developing the perfect hard seltzer that’s crafted to be lightly carbonated, 5.5% ABV, gluten-free, and infused with 100% exotic all-natural fruit flavors from around the world.  Passion Tree has a goal to make a positive impact on planet earth by planting 50,000,000 million trees worldwide, so we made a promise to plant one tree for every case of Passion Tree Hard Seltzer sold.

Passion Tree has been dominating the San Diego market since their launch in June 2021. This weekend they will be available in over 12 Ralph’s locations and expected to be available in 20 Ralph’s locations by mid-August covering all of San Diego and up to the Carlsbad area.

Passion Tree Hard Seltzers is just surpassing the market goals in their first 7 weeks and are continuing to knock them out of the park. This is an unprecedented movement by a brand-new company that is led by local consumer demand and heavy direct marketing techniques that have gotten the community behind the brand and the sales are here as proof. By the way they are San Diego based & brewed locally.

Here is that proof:

  • 7 weeks after Passion Tree Hard Seltzers initial launch in San Diego the brand got the approval for placement at Ralph’s the largest grocery chain in Southern California.
  • 24 hours after placement the product completely sold out at all Ralph’s and retail locations, incredible feat for any big brand let alone lead by 3 young 25-year-old co-founders
  • July 4th weekend Passion Tree out sold the top selling SKU’s of White Claw® & Truly® by a wide margin at multiple Ralph’s locations.

Fourth of July weekend is one high in sales for alcohol companies, especially hard seltzers. Here are some spectacular numbers around San Diego for Passions Tree’s Holiday sales (if they had more cases, they would have sold out of more at each location by each only had a certain amount):

  • Pacific Beach Ralph’s over 4th of July weekend sold out! Went on to sell out 3 consecutive times
  • La Jolla Ralph’s over 4th of July weekend sold out
  • Ralph’s near the college of SDSU over 4th of July weekend sold out

This was all the first weekend the product was placed at the Ralphs locations.

Don‘t miss out on following along with Passion Tree Hard Seltzer and trying their amazing product! If you’re still drinking the other stuff, it’s time to make the switch to Passion tree!

Instagram: @passiontree
Facebook: Passion Tree Hard Seltzer
Phone: (801) 900-4125


Contact: Alan Semsar (818) 288-4050

SOURCE Passion Tree Hard Seltzer

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