OrderHoboken – One Company’s Solution to Affordable Marketplaces and the Horrible Truth About Other Online Food Delivery Platforms

PISCATAWAY, N.J., Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A person takes out their phone and opens a well-known food delivery app. They look for their favorite pizza shop they order from every Friday night at 7 pm, delivered to their doorstep without thinking twice about it. However, under the hood they don’t realize that from their $30 pizza order, the food delivery company has taken 30% of the total from their pizza shop. They only got $21 now, and their profit, out the window. This is the sad truth when using big name food delivery platforms, since their fees range from 20-30% which completely cuts into a restaurant’s profit margin.

However, now an NJ student-led startup Glyde, which provides contactless dining services to restaurants has released an initiative called OrderHoboken, which is aiming to help restaurants in Hoboken, NJ retain their profits when people order from this marketplace. Their goal is to only take a small flat fee per order instead of a high percentage of a restaurant’s profit, as a way to give back to the community and let restaurants retain their profit margin. They will be going from city to city within New Jersey to aid with this problem in hopes of having the local residents show their support in an initiative that doesn’t take so much away from their favorite restaurants.

The team is also aiming at using the profits they make to market back within the respective cities so that the restaurants in town have more exposure on a platform that does not take away so greatly from them. Order Hoboken has recently launched, and can be accessed either from its app on the App Store or simply by visiting orderhoboken.com!

Media Contact:
Samir Peshori


SOURCE GlydeApp Inc.